12 Surprising Things Men Dislike About Women

things men hate about women

Men marry women with the hope they will never change. Women marry men with the hope they will change. Invariably they are both disappointed. ― Albert Einstein

What is it that irritates men the most? I stopped for a moment to think about it after endless talks with my male friends from a wide range of ages and backgrounds… Surprisingly, they all seem to have pretty much the same list of things they dislike in women’s behaviour. We were talking about things that irritate us in relationships. We also were talking about solutions and ideas for improvements. Let me introduce you to the top 12 things men dislike about women.

12 Things Men Hate About Women

1. Spare time?! I thought it’s “Me Time”?!

Ok, I must admit, it’s a natural desire to be as close as possible to our loved ones. We want them to be there for us, to share our good times and bad times… We want them to be there for us CONSTANTLY. No, interruptions. But when a woman thinks that all the spare time her man has should be devoted only to her  – that’s when the irritation begins. Girls, understand that your man loves you very much and when he wants to spend some time doing his own thing or devote it to a hobby – it doesn’t mean it should be taken as an offence. Who are we if we don’t have our interests, hobbies and things to wonder about?! It develops us giving us more topics to discuss and more reasons to admire each other. Every once in a while we need our space to breathe. And it’s completely ok. He wants to go out and catch up with his mates? So what? Let him. No need to tag along. Every one of us needs a close net of connections. If he just came back from work and decided to read a book he was trying to start for a couple of months now – let him. Let him be on his own and on his own terms and he will be grateful. Don’t worry, he will, in fact, dedicate you his time with a lot of gratitude for letting him be himself….

2. Broken nail ain’t good reason to cry

Men are easily irritated by excessive emotions women may express. Broken nails and heels smashed perfume bottles on bathroom tiles and endless cries over some soaps you may have made him watch is far from the whole range of emotional roller coasters you can take him on for a ride in your very own “amusement park”. Too many emotions about little things may seem totally adequate for women but for men it’s too much drama. Try to be less emotional about things that don’t matter. Perhaps, stop for a moment and think “will I still be upset about this tomorrow and a week from now?”. If the answer is no then it is not worth spending your energy on splashing out too many emotions on it.

3. Talking Much?!

Loud and endless giggles, over-excitement and never ending talkativeness. “Seriously?! Does she ever shut up” – shared Mark, when he met a girlfriend of our mutual friend. I didn’t understand back then why he was so upset whenever he would come across a person like that. “I just can’t stand people making all that pointless noise! Why all the perfect silence should be filled with stupid and obvious comments, giggles and general over excitement” – Mark continued. There is no need to state the obvious and be loud about things that don’t matter. In fact, being loud and talking too much about meaningless things is very annoying to everyone in general. Why talk much? Why can’t we speak only when it’s meaningful?

4. Communication Maniac

“It boils my nerves whenever she calls every 10 minutes or sends me meaningless messages! Is there any polite way to say that enough is enough?!” – Bill, 29/NY

Seriously girls. Is that necessary to call him this much all the time? Bugging him and checking every tiny little detail during your day?! Really?! Think twice before annoying the hell out of him especially if he is in the middle of something really important and doesn’t have time to pick up the phone or text you back. Men do not like that much attention when it is over the top. To them, it lingers at the borderline of obsessive, demanding and jealous. You don’t need to keep him updated about every move and every little detail, just as you don’t need to know what he is doing, where he is and what he is thinking about right now every minute of the day. Give him some space. Give him some time to miss you.

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5. Nagging

Is it really necessary to nag him all the time about not helping you around the house and then when he actually does, to find a new reason to say that what he did was not good enough?! Do you think he enjoys all the dirty chores you put him up to do: taking out a trash, washing the dishes, hoovering, tidying up the garage just because you are not happy how his tools were organised? He doesn’t and he only does them because he can’t take that nagging anymore. Try thanking him for everything he does instead. You will see a drastic change in his behaviour if he feels appreciated for doing all these things. Less nagging, more appreciating and gratitude, please.

6. Were You Licensed to Spy?!

“Ooh, I just want to smack her across her face whenever I see her snooping through my personal stuff, Facebook or phone. Is it really necessary?! ” – Mike, 26/San Diego

Who gave you the licence to spy and always search for something incriminating?! What’s up with this obsession? Understand that such a behaviour will just make him become more private and reserved for you and the end result will be that he will trust you less. He is with you, he loves you. This is what counts. And every person needs its own space. We need to remember and respect that.

7. Embarrassing Storyteller

“I actually broke up with one of my girlfriends because she had this stupid tendency to tell an embarrassing story in front of my family and friends. She just couldn’t help herself… ” John, 27/London

If you are downgrading your boyfriend or speaking badly about him behind his back – the only conclusion people will make is how foolish you are “to be with such a horrible person” that you described. Do you need that “record” on your consciousness? The only thing people should ever hear is how lucky you are to have such a great person by your side… Many people don’t and they are not as lucky as you to find a match and be together with someone special… Praise your man and he will be forever grateful.

8. What Are You Thinking About NOW?!

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Why is it important for you to know his exact thought process right this very second? The whole question itself is ridiculous and irritates the heck out of even the calmest and all-forgiving person.

9. Make-up overdoes vs. Natural

Men don’t particularly like long nails, artificial hair, and excessive makeup! They love natural looking girls. The natural look is always more attractive to men and it tells them more about you than anything else. Even though you might think they all like women who wear slutty clothes – believe me, they prefer stylish and humble ones on you!

10. Healthwise

Men hate all these endless talks about modern diets, especially when they don’t see the results of your hardships. They want to see you healthy and good looking. Remember, most of the time men love with their eyes so anything you are doing to improve your looks and health will make them even more attracted to you.

11. Fashionably late?! Leave it to those who reads cosmopolitan!

Seriously! Stop being late if you are always late! There is no beginning to explain how distasteful it is not to respect other people’s time and make them sit and wait for you while you have the luxury to be “fashionably late”. There may be different reasons why you are late but when your time management and lack of self-discipline makes you late all the time – it has to change. Especially if you are late for your first date… Because it can be your last with that person.

12. Cultureless

If a woman has a bad taste in clothing, uses swear words in conversations, has a poor general knowledge, doesn’t care about self-development, doesn’t read books and knows nothing about any subject in more depth – that’s just too bad. Men are generally bored with lightheaded and stupid girls. And it’s just a matter of time until he will wave goodbye or kick her so hard out of his life that she will end up in a public library for a change and not on Facebook procrastinating and wasting her precious time!

Develop, grow, be interested and be interesting as a person and a man will never be bored or irritated by a girl like this.

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  • They Really Do

    These women should really join the circus with all that makeup on them since they really look like clowns altogether.

  • Matthew Johnson

    Any guy can tell that a man wrote this. Practically all are very accurate but obviously there is more and I don’t want to generalize because there are some good women out there.

    It is better to live in a corner of the roof Than in a house shared with a contentious woman.

    There is poison on both sides, men and women.

  • Rafael Krain

    1,2,5,6,7 are spot on. If you are a woman that don’t follow those, you simply gonna be dumped/cheated sooner or later, and it’s YOUR fault.

    The rest are personal tastes.

    Remember aswell the number 1 rule: “You don’t NEED someone else. Always be happy with yourself in the first place. The other person is something always to be added, not to be needed.” Make sure you are not with someone just by looks / social status / sex because your relationship gonna be empty / superficial as hell. And gosh, don’t make kids with someone you are not sure it’s the right person yet and prejudice your entire life, that’s really stupid…

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  • Rappers delight

    So… I’m supposed to go on a diet, hide it from my boyfriend, look beautiful and wear no make-up. Every woman should be able to accomplish that

    • No

      1: A healthy diet? Go for it.. But you don’t need to hide it from your boyfriend. There’s a lot of difference between what a boyfriend wants,a guy needs and a man looks for. Now I’m 21 but when I was 17 my girlfriend told me to eat healthier,I told her “why not go the gym together?”,I didn’t imply anything that she wasn’t already implying. And now we’re both in the best shape of our lives,together.
      2: Women are beautiful, confusingly beautiful:) Don’t believe me? Look in the mirror without makeup and think of my point. Being insecure about oneself is one of the biggest reason to hide it. I was insecure about my penis when I was in highschool till I found out 7 is just above average. Now, I’m confident about being naked Infront of my girl and as she and other women say “confidence is sexy”. So BE sexy or use make up to be sexy. Now I assume this page is by one man or the result of a survey but I insist,that you don’t let this be the face of all men. Men may dislike some aspects of women but gentlemen won’t,not that they don’t. Because when I grow old with my girl and if or when it comes to me feeding her frail lips in bed, looking at her wrinkled makeupless face.. Hate,will be the last thing I’ll feel.

    • John

      No – you’re supposed to do whatever you want to do. Just don’t be surprised when the guy doesn’t like it. Don’t change for a guy, and don’t expect him to change for you. Go find someone else.

  • And The Truth Is

    Most of them really suck these days especially the ones that have such a rotten personality, no good manors at all, they curse at us men for no reason at all when you try to start a conversation with them, they really think that they’re God’s gift to men as well. In others words which they’re such pathetic losers altogether.

  • Crystal Prayer

    What happened to “be yourself”? No woman would behave like what’s described in this article, and still “be herself”. women and men are wired differently, so BOTH genders need to make allowances for each other, and stop thinking selfishly of one’s self exclusively

  • Matryoshkadollie

    Not like men are always so perfect. Why would we women want any joyless, humorless, judgemental, narcissistic, and misogynistic control freak like the men mentioned in this article! How do you get to know someone unless you actually talk and interact with them? Want constant quiet? Then become a monk!

    • Rafael Krain

      We all could say the same about women, so? ‘Talking’ really different from ‘nagging’ like you are doing. And yeah, you don’t need to follow up any of those things, but if ever you get dumped or just used for sex, you know why.

  • Lily

    I bet that person who posted that crap his girlfriend or wife have a million things he hates about him. Judging women like they were perfect

    • Rafael Krain

      Or maybe your boyfriend or husband really hate you for any of those things and you felt the need to post.

  • Roseanne

    Some of these “annoyances” are just ridiculous, petty, ancient prejudices. Do men know that NO WOMAN is perfect? Good Lord!!! I understand wanting to be with a classy girl who knows how to carry herself and who is respectable. But why does the MAN need her to have what THEY consider good fashion sense(which is shallow NONSENSE) and to not show emotions. We’re not mindless Stepford robots.

    And reading books doesn’t make you more intelligent than the next person. I don’t read a lot at all and never have. I’m college educated, highly intelligent and I WRITE my own books! I’ve authored 6 so far.

    As far as being healthy, there’s a major difference in being healthy and being excessively, unnaturally thin. God did not create one body type and give all women a mandate to be a size zero or go live on Saturn away from the rest of “civilized” society. Everyone should be healthy but reed thin does not fit every woman.

    Any good, kind, good looking man can find a beautiful Women of any body type, any skin tone, any level of intelligence etc. to settle down with if he has the maturity level and genuine desire to. I think the men who get the women who are just as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside and throw her away for some of the more irrelevant, frivolous reasons listed above are not ready for love, still have a lot of growing to do and are just flat out AFRAID to find REAL love. Just my opinion.

    • Matryoshkadollie

      I share your opinion

    • Rafael Krain

      Some of the things said in the article can be ignored, but no one wants to love a woman that don’t give a man his space, don’t trust him and constantly bitch about everything.

  • girl next door

    Men love big boobs , blond hair, tight clothes, a good smile, and someone who listens and doesn’t talk too much. They could careless about your opinions. I forgot….smell nice!

    • Lyle L

      I love muscular legs, dark hair, clothes that fit, sexy shoes, and a good smile, and someone who listens and tells me what’s on their mind. I care about their opinions, and yes…..they smell nice!

    • V.C.

      There are also some handsome Caucasian men who prefer beautiful Black or Mulatto girls like Stacey Dash or Paula Patton. Some of them want sweet, intelligent, beautiful, exotic women of color who are just as beautiful inside as they are out. Paula Patton certainly fits that bill to a tee.

      Every man doesn’t want blonde. There are entire other ethnicities of beautiful women in the world. Not just White women. Vanessa Williams(Miss America) is the most beautiful woman in the world in my opinion. No offense but I don’t think there’s a blonde girl alive who could ever outshine her. It just depends on the guy.

    • Tinamari Sofia Mcdaniel

      You said this to start trouble because you know that people will respond negatively. I’m not white and I like blond hair just like my husband has.

  • Jon

    All of these are grounds for dumping a woman

  • AJ

    I am getting married to my boyfriend. He is a loyal man. But I have a concern, he doesn’t let me touch his phone and see OUR pictures. He says he has some business data in his images and most other folders that he does not want to reveal to me. Is this behavior of his perfectly normal or there must be something fishy?

    • slatington girl

      maybe he has deleted them and he hasnt told you that so resent them to him and look at them as soons you send them to him

    • Bonafide is Dumb

      He is cheating on you. How do I know? Cause i am a cheat, in fact i am a cheating master.

      • Matryoshkadollie

        You sound proud of that. Why?

    • girl next door

      Definitely cheating on you or addicted to porn. He has something to hide. Dump his ass, move on, don’t call him. Or just cheat on him, see how he likes it.

      • Rafael Krain

        Everyone has something to hide. If a girl nagged me too much about my private things I would either dump her or cheat on her so she can really feel the real deal as a lesson.

    • Shawn

      It’s his phone and none of your nosy insecure business. You have no interest in the pics you just want to spy like most stupid insecure women do

  • jjfothers

    Hi Lesya Li and friends…you may want to check your spelling of the word *until before referring to other girls as stupid.

    • solid

      Just because you fall In one of those categories doesn’t mean u can criticize the author of such a Well written article over spelling

      • Having Time

        Thank you for you kindness! 🙂

    • Having Time

      Obviously, that was a typo 🙂 But thank you for bringing that to my attention. And I am very sorry you felt the need to be rude. Have a wonderful day full of inspiration, happiness and joy!

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