15 Things Happy People Do


Happiness is something that we all strive for in order to feel it, make it last and hold on to it a little bit longer. Although we have diverse ideas of what happiness means, let’s just say that well-being is a big part of it. And most of us go for it.

Do you have role models of pure happiness in your life? People, who are always in the spotlight of a sun beam of positivity and happiness? I want you to imagine them vividly. What is it that they do to keep them afloat on the waves of bliss?

15 Things Happy People Do

1. The Power Of Goodbye

Leave your past behind. It belongs there. There is no way back. Moreover, there is no point in sitting and thinking excessively about the things you did or didn’t do to influence or contribute to a different outcome. The past stays in the past for a reason.

See it as a teacher, not your enemy or something that has power over you. It doesn’t. Your past is just a story. See it for what it really is. Not worse, not better. Stop clinging. Learn from it. Then let go.

Focus on your present as it is the only time you can influence. Think about the things you can do differently today, that can improve your tomorrow.

2. I’m the Captain of The Ship!

Who is the captain of your ship that jumps in storms from one wave to another? Who is responsible for your life? The answer is YOU. In order to be happy you have to cut loose first. Feel the freedom of and take responsibility for your decisions. This way you will never have to blame other people in your life if something goes wrong when you took their advice.

You live your life and you are fit for this “job”. No one else is capable of doing that for you. No one else had an “audition” to replace you in your own life. Take the grip of responsibility. Make decisions and face consequences spot on.

And one more thing. There is no point in building your life based on someone else’s expectations.

3. Building Relationships Strong and Vibrant

We have unlimited sources of inspiration. The more we develop and give our love to building relationships the more love and positivity comes back to us enriching our life even more.

Connect with people and share. Ask and learn new things together. In fact, try to connect every day. Every day brings new people. New people bring and share new thoughts enriching yours even more.

4. The Joy of Interests

The broader your range of interests is, the more creative your mind becomes. Always focus on expanding your circle of interests. Stay curious. Life never dries out of its marvels that are waiting for you to de discovered.

If you have in mind some things you always wanted to try but you keep delaying them until another day, guess what, there is no better day than TODAY. Never postpone something that brings you joy, even the simple idea of doing that. Do something today for your soul.

5. Identify your Set of Core Values, Act Accordingly

Create yourself. Become better than the previous version of self. Identify your core values and act accordingly. I don’t ask for you to set these in stone. But have a guiding map in life to stay in touch with what feels right to you and what doesn’t.

Always stay true to yourself. There is no running from oneself. So stay true and honest.

6. Be Original. Be Yourself.

My beloved Oscar Wilde once said: Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.

I cannot agree with him more.

Be yourself, be original. It’s ok to have role models in your life in order to have something positive to learn from them. It’s not ok to idolise somebody, following their every step trying to be someone you are not.

Just imagine how BORING it would be if people were all the same! How bored would we be with each other if we were identical.

You are you. With your unique imprint in this universe. You are valuable. And trust me, the world is a better place with you in it.

7. Purpose Matters

We have to have a purpose in our life so it is filled with meaning. Purpose is an anchor, a compass that indicates where we are and where we are going. You will never get lost with it.

Focus on your bigger purpose and fill your days with getting closer to it with each goal achieved.

Having a purpose is like having a core. Hardly any structure is possible without a core.

8. Your Favourite Attitude Should Be Gratitude

Close your eyes for a moment right now and observe all the great things you are lucky to be surrounded by: your amazing parents and friends, beautiful husband/wife and children, great car and house, your accomplishments and success… Whatever you are blessed with – be grateful. Whatever new things in life you want to go after – be grateful and you shall receive.

Realise how blessed you are with what you already have. Let this simple idea bring you more bliss to start with.

9. Label Your Thoughts. Keep It Positive

All thoughts are charged up with energy. Positive ones give us motivation and perspective to look and move forward. Naturally, negative energy might be in charge of our thoughts too. In this case we might picture ourselves on a boxing ring fighting round after round with that persistent opponent – negative mind. Relentlessly we fall, stand up and then we fight again. While we struggle, there are some effective techniques to tackle negative thoughts and to rid our minds of that clutter.

Keep your mind clean. Keep it positive.

10. Think And Create

Think about what it is that you do that makes this world a better place? What do you do that makes it complete? I’m not talking globally. I’m talking about the little things that you do that you are good at to contribute to this world.

Think about all the things that you can create. Things that will inspire others. Creativity gives strength and draws you into a state of positivity.

11. Start From Where You Are

Some people travel around the world filling up their lives with exciting discoveries, adventures and wonders. All for one. They often look for happiness across the faraway lands only to find that bliss right where they began their journey from!

I guess, what I’m trying to say is that we have to start our search just by looking around.

A happy person never waits for the “perfect time” to be happy. A happy person is happy NOW.

12. Expand Your Personal Development

Happiness comes to those who is in a constant process of improving and developing themselves. Each day brings new ideas, new thoughts. All should be used wisely to make yourself even better than yesterday.

Change. Look for something new to experience. Focus on your development and take your life to the next level.

13. Talents

Everyone has talents. Whether its on the surface or hidden. Be curious. Open them up one by one in excitement. You would be surprised how talented you truly are.

Talents and their development enrich life, they give it joy, sense of purpose and meaning. Talents and the way we do things is what distinguishes us from one another. That is what makes us unique and original.

14. Never Stress About Small Things

There is this friend I have. And she could be happier if only she could drop that obsessive habit of sticking her focus onto the smallest things she sees as “wrong”.

She dwells on those little bits and pieces gathering together more “evidence” why her life sucks.

Remember that the ship begins sinking with the smallest cracks becoming bigger and bigger and turning it into a real problem. Don’t let small things distort your vision and shift your focus from the bigger picture where you can see happiness.

15. Make Someone Else Happy

The more happiness and joy you share and give, the more you will in return. When searching for happiness, be good and kind to other people as, just like you, they all struggle and face challenges everyday to find what they are looking for. The more people you make happy, the happier you become in the process.

In Conclusion

We all seek happiness. We all want to feel it, experience it and hold on to it for a little bit longer. I see it sometimes like a cup of my favourite hot tea and I wish to never see the bottom of it.

Fill your life with positive thoughts and experiences. Enrich and expand your hobbies and talents. Be yourself and stay true to your core values. And you will find that you were happy all the way because you are alive and kicking and it’s marvellous!


By Lesya Li
Photo by Margarita Kareva

Lesya Li

Lesya Li

Founder, Head of Content at HavingTime
Lesya Li is a founder of HavingTime – a digitally native story magazine for people that need to share inspiration and be inspired.
Lesya Li
Lesya Li
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