5 Tiny Habits to Improve Self-Esteem


We all run our life marathon every day facing challenges, solving problems. But what’s more important is to find the meaning among that chaos of things that are floating around us. Meaning, passion, happiness and a strong foundation we call self-esteem. Whatever the reasons are for our complexes and shortcomings we can make a decision to change for the better. It’s up to us. Today I gathered 5 suggestions that will help us improve self-esteem and let us strive to live and make our life happier and more enjoyable.

5 Tiny Habits to Improve Self-Esteem

Let’s all begin with self appreciation. Let’s forgive ourselves at least for a moment, or 5 minutes or so and just begin to appreciate where we are now. Let’s stop wishing for the things to turn out better in the past because that leads us no where. Let’s start with acceptance. One step at a time.

1. Stop Measuring your Unlimited Abilities with Limiting Standards of Others

I used to hear all the time that never ending story about “what I can or cannot do” that people around me were so eager to tell me all about. Those stories were pictured vividly. The rationalisations why I couldn’t’ fulfil whatever I was about to fulfil were overwhelming and sounded genuine…

I was so hang up on those stories and limiting beliefs that I didn’t realise that at some point I took them all for the only source of “truth”. I didn’t realise that I’ve adopted those limiting beliefs wholeheartedly.

Until I said: wait a minute. IS IT THE TRUTH?! And if it is, WHOSE TRUTH IS THAT?!

Different people have different abilities in their arsenal. And trust me when I say that they have various motivations behind them. So why measure our UNLIMITED abilities by someone else’s standards?

I don’t believe in this notion: If I could = I would. But I can’t, so I shan’t.

The truth here is as simple as a bicycle: if you really want something badly enough, you would do virtually EVERYTHING to get it done by now two hands down. Period.

2. Art Gallery of Success

Create an album of your achievements. Create your very own Art Gallery of Success! Reflect on the things you did brilliantly. What pops up in your mind? Collect as many of those positive images in your mind. Feel proud. Be content with your achievements. Focus on the good things and they will give you more of that positive vibe which you will feel about yourself.

3. Proud to Be… Yourself

be yourself quote

Stop being your own judge, the juror and executor. Forgive yourself for the things that didn’t turn out the way they were supposed to. It happens. What is necessary here is to focus on the great things you’ve already achieved. Let it be your vital rain and a warm light necessary to grow yourself as a flower or a mighty tree. One day at a time. Feel proud to be yourself. And let this feeling to increase exponentially. I’m pretty sure you have all the reasons to feel proud and content of being who you are.

4. Applaud Yourself for Achievements

The more actions you take that as a finale turn into success, the more reinforced your self-confidence is. It’s as simple as that. The more you praise your own achievements, the more approval you get from yourself and that’s what matters the most. Cheerfully applaud yourself for every little or big achievement. Feel good about it and keep on going with a positive attitude for more great things in life!

5. Friend in The Mirror

Take a good look in the mirror. Who do you see? No, seriously. Who do you see there? Is it your enemy or a friend?

The way you feel about yourself will dictate others intuitively on how to behave around you. Be your very own best friend you can count on. Expand your abilities, by investing in your personal development. Learn something new each day, read, travel, make new connections with people. Applaud yourself for the great things you already have in your life. Be content. Count your blessings. You are a great person and this world wouldn’t be full without you!

Do good, feel good.

By Lesya Li
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Lesya Li

Lesya Li

Founder, Head of Content at HavingTime
Lesya Li is a founder of HavingTime – a digitally native story magazine for people that need to share inspiration and be inspired.
Lesya Li
Lesya Li
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