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Someone once told me that our life is nothing but a canvas. The way we blend colors together creating new ones represents the picture of our life. A new day brings new thoughts and ideas that we put on that canvas, and it’s up to us what that image will look like eventually.

The same goes for work we do every day. There are those times when you want nothing but to stay in your cozy bed and never leave the comfort of your house for the hassle of a long commute to your workplace. But a nudging reminder keeps popping up in your mind with all the projects and deadlines you have to finish today, tomorrow, always.

And then our desire not to work and procrastinate comes along. How do you stay productive at work even if you don’t feel like working?

How to Be More Efficient

1. Line up the Things

I made an observation. Whenever I go through life without any plan or schedule – everything turns into that messy vortex. My priorities are disproportional. All things and their importance are out of perspective. Everything races chaotically, annoyingly and without any order to it.

Everything starts with a good plan or schedule. And what is necessary to remember here is that the balance between working too hard and taking too many long breaks between your tasks. When breaks are taking longer, laziness and procrastination most likely crawl into the picture.

Follow your plan strictly. The less you move things you didn’t finish today to tomorrow, the better your outcomes are. A good plan will allow you to see clearly your goals and focus your efforts on the desired direction without spraying it on nonsense that is out of the list. When you have your lineup of things to do, you feel more at peace knowing that everything goes according to your plan.

When you act according to your plan, it helps to develop your commitment and discipline.

2. Milking the Inspiration

People seek inspiration around. It comes from all sorts of directions and backgrounds. Someone goes for a walk to get some fresh air. Someone prefers to distance himself from the task he cannot solve yet and go to the gym and work out. Someone, like my friend, prefers to paint something. My friend said that it helps her a lot. Whenever she struggles to find a solution, she goes and paints a picture. This way she spikes her creative mind that works best while being stretched.

When we are too close to the challenge, sometimes it’s best to take a few steps back and see the bigger picture. Then go back and see what happens next.

3. Self Motivation Hits Gold


What is it that you want to achieve today? What is it that you want to achieve this week, this month and this year? Why is it important to you?

I see self-motivation as a tank with fuel that fires up our engines and takes us to places where we want or let ourselves go. It is important to reduce that level of holdbacks and limitations I believe we all have…

Replace negative thoughts with new ones one by one. You can choose what to think It is true. The way we think builds the reality around us.

So recently I started to give better attention to my thoughts and their character. When you have this positive approach to your life, your motivation and BELIEF THAT YOU CAN become even stronger. You can do whatever you set your mind to! Let yourself do that.

4. Keeping the Promise

Most of us have this vision about our goals and achievements we want to see in our life. Some dreams and goals are colossal, and we divide them into smaller steps. The best way to stay on target is to give a promise and keep it. Promise that you will get what you want in a set period.

I’m not going to lie, whenever I promise something to myself, I easily break that promise. But when the promise to achieve something is to someone else, I will most likely succeed. I don’t know why it works this way for me. I guess I always strived to impress anyone but myself in the past. But this had to change.

5. Carrot for Donkey

Whenever you finish your project or any other challenge – celebrate it! No matter how small or significant the results are. The more you celebrate your achievements, the more achievements like them will come.

Appreciate yourself and approve more of the things you did and challenging situations you came out of as the sole winner. Build that positive image of yourself for yourself in your mind brick by brick.

6. The Power of Competition (With Yourself)

I know we all have that sense of competition with the entire world once in a while. And it’s ok. We also need to get hold of the idea that a more productive thing to do is to compete with your previous version of self.

Be grateful to the previous version of yourself for the place you are at right now. Thank yourself for all the great lessons you’ve learned. Forgive yourself for your past missteps and the things you didn’t know better.

We are always changing, and we become better and stronger every day. Think positively and great things will follow into your life.

Lesya Li

Lesya Li

Founder, Head of Content at HavingTime
Lesya Li is a founder of HavingTime – a digitally native story magazine for people that need to share inspiration and be inspired.
Lesya Li
Lesya Li
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