6 Problem Solving Skills to Improve Your Daily Life Outcomes

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Some of the problems we stumble across can get really hairy if we don’t respond in time or in the most comprehensive fashion. Some problems can be minor, some can be tough. Nevertheless, it all serves a purpose of learning and getting stronger thereby enriching our life experience.

Sometimes we get overwhelmed by this vortex of daily tasks we have to do. Especially when our emotions rush towards that entanglement making things more complicated. That’s when we need to stop, take a deep breath and take some time to think critically and to see things as they really are. Not worse and not better. Just the way they are.

I made so many mistakes in my life by reacting with all the charge of emotions I had. Sometimes it seems impossible to control that bursting energy of emotions. But if we try, the outcomes will get better.

 6 Problem Solving Skills to Improve Your Daily Life Outcomes

1. Attention Goes to Concentrating on Solving, not The Problem Itself

My main issue is that when a problem occurs, I can’t help but notice that all my attention goes to the problem itself. My attention stalks its roots, I over-analyse and then run out of energy soon afterwards. It is an impossible task for the brain to fetch all possible reasons why the problem occurred in the first place. And the time it spends wondering why things turned out the way they are takes forever. We don’t want to waste our time on that, do we?

When we concentrate solely on the problem without seeking solutions it only brings negativity which works like magnet painting our reality in all kinds of dark colours.

We have to keep our cool. We need to refrain from the pointless search of who is responsible for the problem occurring in the first place and why things got so ugly. We have to realise the existence of the problem and its mechanism and then move towards figuring out how to solve it.

When a problem occurs, it is much better to start brainstorming on how to solve it.

2. Creative Thinking.

We need to stay objective. Where do we begin? At first, it is a sound idea to write down all the possible concepts that cross your mind. Even the most “ridiculous” ones soon afterwards can become real saviours in a bad situation.

While being in the brainstorming mode – all ideas are initially good. Keep the flow running. Search for the approaches and tactics. A possible solution to a problem you have on your list, the better your creative thinking will be and the faster you will reach the ultimate tailor-made solution.

3. Just The Way It Is.

Don’t ask why it’s just the way it is. Try to switch off your emotions because they only take your attention away bringing nothing worthwhile in return. Try not to perceive the problem as the end of a crumbling world that is falling apart.

That is why we need to approach to the problem-solving process without over-thinking and concentrating on its big and ugly label that says “BIG PROBLEM”. You will get through it. I promise.

Any problem only gets worse if we have a wrong reaction towards it. The existence of a problem only shows the fact that something doesn’t work the way it should do and that we have to change our approach to the subject. That’s all.

4. See The Bigger Picture?

For a great period of time, I couldn’t understand the art of impressionists. I was always standing too close to the paintings at The National Gallery. Until I took a few steps back to see the bigger picture. The same technique always works in understanding the concept that hides tight behind any problem.

Take a few steps back to see the bigger picture and observe. What does it really mean? What does it try to show you?

5. What if… then will follow this…

Give your conscious a grasp of fresh air. Start formulating your creative thinking process with words “What if..”. “What if I change my perspective?”, “What if I try this approach?” etc. This way you open up the path to your mind that will lead you out of the darkness of the problem.

Stars cannot shine without the darkness of eternal space. Let your mind be that shining star leading you towards clarity.

6. The Power of Simplicity

Often we search for complex solutions to our problems exaggerating their weight at first. But then again, look back on your life experience and the way you solved your problems back then. Were those solutions tricky in their concept? Were those solutions sophisticated? Probably, some of them were. But practice shows, that simplicity in a solution of a problem by far wins over any tricky mastermind tools we might have come up with.

In Conclusion

Don’t let the first reaction you have towards the problem drag you down into the deep Pacific Rim of negativity. There is always a way out of any problem. There is always something good in any challenge that life throws at us. It is an opportunity to grow and become stronger. Whatever problems you might face now – you will get through them all. Nothing in this world is permanent, not even our troubles.
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