6 Significant Reasons to Feel More Joy Now

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What are the things that bring us joy the most? What brings us positive emotions? What brings us hope and peace? However numerous reasons for happiness may be, we also share at least 6 significant reasons to feel more joy and happiness.

6 Significant Reasons to Feel More Joy And Happiness

1. Alive and Kicking

I don’t know where to begin saying how amazing it is that we are alive and kicking! How wonderful life really is! It never runs low on its marvels, secrets and new things waiting to be unravelled.

Everyone is unique. Every day is unique and the things it teaches us we embrace differently.

Every day brings us something new and valuable. Every day our minds are enriched with new thoughts and ideas. Every day we learn new things by facing new challenges and we become stronger.

No matter how many punches life throws at us, nothing is permanent including our troubles. We have the power to turn things around and enrich our life experience.

Think about the reasons why it’s so great to be and FEEL alive! What is it that you bring to this world that makes it a valuable contribution? 

2. There Are People In Our Life That Truly LOVE Us

Don’t chase people trying to fit them into your puzzle where they don’t belong. Value your time and focus on those people who actually want to be present. Value those who want to be with you.

Think about all the people who love you the most, value you and make you feel joyful and happy. Be grateful. Feel it. Those are the people who matter the most. Those are the people who support you making your life more vibrant. Spend more time with them.

Close your eyes and think about the people you love the most who are here with you in the present. What colours do they bring to your life?

3. Our Life Has A Purpose

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Every life has its purpose, so does yours. Fill your days with meaning and try to make sense of everything that happens to you, no matter how lost you might feel sometimes when trying to find your calling. You are not alone at this.

All of us have our purpose. Everything that happens teaches us something.

Your life has its purpose. And this world is a BETTER place with you in it.

4. The Little Things That Make Life GREAT

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What are the little things that make life great? Beautiful sunsets and sunrises with the richness of colours on the canvas of the sky and your ability to see and appreciate the beauty of it. Mindfulness and discoveries of the secrets of your mind through your meditation practise and yoga. Running sessions with birds’ songs in the morning and that fresh air that brings the FEELING of being alive. Good memories that never fail to bring a smile to your face. Warm hugs and laughter of your friends and people you love. It’s the happiness inside that you are feeling. 

What makes your life filled with joy?

The more little things you notice that bring you joy, the happier you will feel.

5. Everyone Is An Architect

Everyone is an architect. We all build our lives on the foundation of our values, beliefs, thoughts and dreams.

If the things you believed in no longer serve you, change them. It is really up to you. You are not a tree, you can move.

What do you believe in that fills your life with meaning?

What are you capable of doing today that can change your life? You can do anything one step at a time. No rush.

6. Counting The Blessings

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The more we focus on the good things in life that we already have, the better we feel about it.

The more gratitude we express, the more joy flows into our life in return. We are what we think. Our thoughts are the mirror of our reality. The more positivity we choose to fill our thoughts with – the more they will reflect in our lives here and now.

Some people often tire themselves out by chasing things they don’t have never looked back and reflected how blessed they are with what they already have. That constant chase brings nothing but stress. That is why it is a good and mindful thing to pause and reflect.

Think about what you have blessed with already and what brings a smile on your face just by thinking about it.

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Lesya Li
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