7 Obvious Signs of an Underachiever


Maybe the past is like an anchor holding us back. Maybe, you have to let go of who you were to become who you will be. – Carrie Bradshaw

Why do we feel like an underachiever sometimes?
Sometimes we might find ourselves not on the winning side. And then we might feel all sorts of shady blaming ourselves for not knowing any better way to handle things. But it’s ok. It’s all part of getting more advanced in life and gaining valuable experience, isn’t it?

Have you ever wondered what exactly separates winners from losers? What distinguishes them from one another?

We are what we repeatedly do. I often think about why some things I did in the past wouldn’t bring me the results I was looking for…

Why do we feel like an underachiever sometimes? What are the signs of an underachiever anyway?

7 Obvious Signs of an Underachiever

1. Self-Deception Never Really Works

We can lie to the whole world and get away with that just fine. On the other hand, we cannot run away from lying to ourselves. No matter how far we go beyond any reason, that feeling of resentment towards ourselves will grow bigger with each day if we aren’t truthful with ourselves.

“I’m not hurting at all over that nonsense” – I say to myself.
“That’s a lie” – my subconscious answers back.

“I feel composed and relaxed whenever any annoying situation occurs”.
“No, you don’t. You want to explode giving in to your emotions” – my subconscious persists.

Whenever we attempt to lie to ourselves it always brings nothing but a feeling of resistance. We need to break through the wall of illusions we build around ourselves.

What is the current state of matters in your life today? See them for what they really are. Face them truthfully without self-deceptions.

2. Fruitless Outcomes

All the success is built on persistence, hard work and everlasting enthusiasm whereas underachievers sit on the couch waiting for a dramatic change to occur in their life without taking action.

We cannot expect a rich harvest of apples if we didn’t plant a single apple tree first.

On the other hand, some people take action but give up quickly because of impatience.

Some people just sit there and complain about their life counting all the missed opportunities.

But the truth is, there is nothing more powerful than persistence! Not even the most talented and lucky person can go far in life without it.

3. Oblivious Injustice Toward Friends

An underachiever can be kind towards anybody who doesn’t bring much value to their life and utterly unjust towards those who are trying to help as a matter of fact. Such a person seeks help from a friend as an act of charity he is too cool to accept or to be thankful for.

People like that have difficulty building connections and friendships.

4. Very Poor Manners

Complete and utter underachiever has the poorest manners ever existed. Starting from being constantly late when people spend hours waiting for them. They never pay their gratitude towards those who help them or give presents. They don’t care much about commitments forgetting to go through with anything they promised to do for somebody.

They never have the power to acknowledge how wrong they were, especially when it comes to admitting their wrongdoings in front of others.

5. The Mask of Grumpiness

An utter underachiever wears the mask of grumpiness all the time. He hates his job, he blames life for not going the way he wants. He hates people that are more successful than he is saying that they don’t deserve the highs they took. He constantly compares what he has with the things his neighbour works hard to get.

And if anyone is even slightly kind to him – he runs a background check looking for the hidden meaning of somebody’s kindness.

6. The Vortex of Arguments


An underachiever likes to argue. He likes to argue about anything with everybody. He never has a target to reach any conclusion. He argues for the sake of the juicy argument which leads to a complete emotionally draining experience.

By starting an argument an underachiever, secretly seeks attention so that people he argues with could judge their advanced level of eloquence. But reasonable people have far more important things to do than wasting their time having pointless disputes.

7. Time Management? Never Heard of That.

An underachiever cannot pathologically manage his time properly to be more productive. He always delays going through with commitments, runs late failing all the deadlines possible. He can have all the tasks in the world on his schedule but still keep his cool giving into his favourite state of procrastination.

“Who cares about commitments? There’s always tomorrow to do the stuff” – he thinks.

In Conclusion

All of those signs I found hidden deeply in myself at one point or another. I didn’t like the person I was before. But I have the desire and commitment to change my ways for the better. I know, there are things I’m not proud of that I did in the past. But the truth is, no matter how often I go down the memory lane, there is nothing new to see there. Realising this gave me hope to change my life for the better from now on. I wish you all to have the courage to face your daily challenges and change your life if you really wish to live with mindfulness and success.

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