7 Reasons Why Couples Who Travel Together, Stay Together

Travel Together, Stay Together

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. – African Proverb

Traveling together invites tremendous benefits to a healthy relationship according to recent studies. Couples that go on and explore the world together report having healthier and happier relationships. They also are less likely to split up compared to those couples that don’t make time for romantic gateways.

I firmly believe that a single trip can dramatically change your life! In my humble personal experience, this has proven true in very tangible ways — especially when it comes to romantic relationships. Why? Well, traveling has this peculiar way of digging up the extremes in people: from the worst quarks of their character to the absolute best! And this is why traveling together as a couple can be the ultimate test of a relationship because it helps you discover the most real aspects of each other.

7 Reasons Why Couples Who Travel Together, Stay Together

1. It Tests How You Respond to Tiny Yet Significant Things

One of you could be deadbeat tire whereas the other craves to find some adventures for the afternoon to come! One of you wants to go out and bust a move in a night club; the other wants to stay in, cozy up and perhaps watch Netflix each night. One tends to be quite frugal, the other doesn’t bother much about your travel budget and buys lots of dust collecting souvenirs (guilty as charged). Yes, these tiny things might seem insignificant on the surface and yet could be the tenets of incompatibility. It’s all about seeing how similar you are where it matters, and how willing you are to be flexible and compromise when it truly counts.

2. Traveling Puts to Tests The Fundamental Incompatibilities: how well you handle finances, your stress levels, your reactions to unexpected or new situations, and, of course, your free time

When you travel together with someone, you are presented with a fantastic opportunity to find out more about your relationship. What’s true of them when you are far away from your daily life will be true of them when you get back home: how they handle their finances, how well do they handle stressful situations, how they spend their free time!

3. Suddenly, You Start to See Whether Spending Quality Time Together Makes Your Relationship Worse or Better Connected and Strong

“My imagination functions much better when I don’t have to speak to people.” — Patricia Highsmith

Think of your relationship when you spend 24/7 traveling together: does it get stronger, or does it deteriorate? Do you find it irritating when you find yourself clawing at the walls for just ten minutes of solitude, a quiet space where you can be left alone with your thoughts for a bit? What’s essential to learn is to provide space when the other needs it. A few moments of peace is enough to center your mind and re-examine different situations. It’s crucial that you learn to read your travel partner’s moods and that you are considerate of their needs as much as your own.

What’s essential to learn is to give space when the other needs it the most. A few moments of peace is enough to center your mind and re-examine different situations. It’s crucial that you learn to read your travel partner’s moods and that you are considerate of their needs as much as your own.

4. Taking EXTRA Care of Each Other When Things Go Haywire 

When I look back and think about traveling together as a couple, I think of all the crazy mishaps that often happen on the road. And what you will have to do is to learn to solve those problems together as a team!

One of you might catch a pretty nasty stomach flu by eating something exotic; the other will get a massive jet lag and feel horrible for a couple of days; one of you will lose a wallet, the other might miss a bus and then end up in a dodgy part of town. Not only do these things are bound to happen, but they’re also almost guaranteed, my friends. And so finding yourself in those situations presents you with the opportunity to show how well you can care for each other and see whether tackling problems together makes things worlds easier or more stressful for you in the long run. It’s excruciatingly annoying at times, yet you can’t think of a better team-building exercise, fact.

travel together

Traveling together can significantly improve: maintaining a healthy relationship, long-term satisfaction, and intimacy.

5. Developing “US Against The World” Mentality is Nothing Short but Awesome

You start thinking as a team when you are trying to navigate the murky waters of new countries, unfamiliar cities, and situations.The more often you’re both placed in trust-inducing circumstances, the stronger your relationship grows. I love when “US against the world” mentality kicks in when you start to cohere into having just one purpose and objective; it’s no longer only about your well-being, and it feels amazing by the way!

6. When You Travel Together, You are Presented With Opportunity to Re-ignite Intimacy in Your Relationship

Between your family responsibilities and a crazy workweek, and staying sane despite an endless stream of digital distractions, life can quickly turn into dull gray routine. Don’t get me wrong; this ‘routine’ isn’t always a bad thing especially for some people where stability and security of life are crucial to their comfort and contentment. But when it comes to romantic relationships routine can get excruciatingly boring and become mundane. That’s why when you travel it gives you a much-needed escape from the monotony of everyday life back home. It presents you with time to rekindle the fire that once brought you together in the first place! Just think about new experiences and fresh memories to co-create more of.

7. When You Travel Together, Your Communication Skills Improve Dramatically

When plans are burning, you have to think fast and wing out the challenges together, that’s when communication skills improve dramatically, fast. Traveling together also means it’s worlds easier to troubleshoot the day to day stuff like having someone to watch your bags when you need to go to the bathroom or to argue with the hotel clerk because you personally rather slap yourself across the face rather than face confrontation of any kind (guilty as charged). It’s two brains staring at a map instead of one, and that’s when communication is essential when you try to be more understanding and patient with each other.


The most enjoyable part of traveling together with your partner is the incredible amounts of fun that you can have together! Exploring the world as a couple is an indescribable experience that can bond you unlike anything else, which is one of the most underlying reasons for you to travel with your significant other.Think of all the intangibles – like sharing life-changing experiences, stunning views to behold and incredibly humorous stories to share thereafter. It’s about getting to do amazing things with one of your best friends, with a soulmate with whom you can curl up with at night and then plan yet another exciting adventure of life for tomorrow.

It’s about doing amazing things with one of your best friends, with a soulmate with whom you can curl up with at night and then plan yet another exciting adventure of life for tomorrow.

Listen, you guys, you don’t even have to go far away. A simple romantic weekend getaway to the next town will bring you the same benefits as a trip to a different country. It’s all about experiencing something new and creating fresh memories of good times spent together!

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