8 Important Things We Wish to Forget but Essential to Remember

8 Important Things We Wish to Forget but Essential to Remember

My experience is that the teachers we need most are the people we’re living with right now. – Byron Katie

It’s amazing how much we learn every hour, every day. How much we think we know and how much we have yet to learn. It’s mind-boggling how much we can forget what is essential to remember…

I have a book which was my to-got-to friend from the earliest age. It is a huge book and it looks like a brick 🙂
I call it a brick of wisdom. Sometimes I find it comforting to address my questions and find some answers there. Surprisingly, by revisiting the same book every year, somehow I always find something new to discover… new conclusions, new thoughts and ideas. But most importantly I’ve found essential things to remember that are too easy to forget.

8 Important Things We Wish to Forget but Essential to Remember

1. Your Body Is the Only “Home”

Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live. – Jim Rohn

Our body is the only place we are ever going to live.
We might not like how it looks, we might not like how it feels… We need to learn to truly take care of ourselves and honour the body that we have.

I tend to forget about it occasionally while stuffing my face with junk food, drinking too much coffee and falling out of the exercising routine. Even though eating healthy, doing yoga, drinking more water makes me feel good, energised and happy, I tend to forget to do it more often. But here is the trick, no one will do it for me. And I am the only one who has to take action and keep myself on the right track.

 2. The School of Life Never Has a Break 

We came here on Earth to learn and to evolve. Every single person that comes across our path knows something we don’t and vice versa. We teach and we learn and the process of learning never has any breaks.
Every decision and outcome and the circumstances that flow from it is our universal tool of learning.

I guess life never becomes any easier, we become more experienced to tackle new challenges that come along as we progress and evolve on our journey.

Invest in yourself. Meditate. Read. Eat healthy food. Drink water. Move your body. Spend time in nature. Rest up. You are worthy.

 3. No Mistakes, No Regrets. Lessons Only

When we look at things as there are only lessons to be learned it releases us from the chains of self-doubts when we are too afraid to make a decision based on the fear to make a mistake.

worrying quote
There are no mistakes. Regrets and worrying is a pure misuse of the imagination and mental energy that might be used in more positive and productive ways.

4. …Until You Strike the Gold Mine

The lesson will repeat itself until we hit “the gold mine” of realisation moving on to the next level.
Think about the situation in the past that wouldn’t let go of you?
What was it like? How did you learn your lesson and moved on?
We will be hitting the same “brick wall” until we make it through by learning the lesson.

5. External Problems Have Internal Roots

Everything and everybody we face every day is a reflection of the processes, emotions and experiences we have that are raving and buzzing within us.
Everything we admire about other people, we admire about ourselves. Any insecurity we have within, we spot as a reflection in others. 
All answers are hidden within. 

You can’t calm the storm, so stop trying. What you can do is calm yourself. The storm will pass.

6. There is No Better Place Than NOW

I am still struggling with keeping myself grounded in the moment of NOW. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that our past is nothing more than a place of reference, not residence. I keep reminding myself that. It’s also challenging sometimes to refrain from running into the future, thinking about it obsessively and trying to predict what’s it’s going to be like… or even feel anxious about it. Why do we run from the moment of NOW? There is no better place to be than here in this moment and cherish every taken breath, every laughter shared with our loved ones… 

7. Life is a Frame and We are its Painting

Our circumstances, people we meet, lessons we learn… everything can be seen is a unique frame and we are its painting.
Sometimes our life reminds us a cloudy sky that my beloved John Constable would paint beautifully.
Sometimes it all sunshine and rainbows that we learn to appreciate after the storm passes.
Whatever is happening right now, each and single person and circumstance adds up the colours for our painting of life making it unique, beautiful, challenging and filled with purpose.
We all have a purpose here.
We are the ones who live our life and no one is here to do it for/instead of us.
Your lessons, your conclusions, your life.

Don’t wait for everything to be perfect before you decide to enjoy your life.

8. We Get What We Expect (Want)

We can get virtually anything we set our mind to. Subconsciously we know exactly how much energy to pour into getting what we want… we know exactly what people and circumstances to invite in order to attract more of what we want to see around.
The more I set myself to accomplish something in particular, the more I notice how quickly everything spirals off and conspires to get me there as fast as possible.
The only trick here is to believe that you can and you are halfway there…

What is it that you think is essential to remember? What life lessons we are too quick to forget?

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Lesya Li
Lesya Li
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