8 Liberating Ideas to Live a Happier Life

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We all want to lead a happier life. In order to do that, we look for answers. We try new positive techniques, we meditate and search for new ideas to make the whole process as enjoyable as it can get. It is a never ending story because happiness is never about going from point A to point B. Happiness is hidden in the attitude we wear during this journey through life.

9 Liberating Ideas to Live a Happier Life

1. Don’t Rush into Conclusions

This habit of jumping into conclusions jeopardise us in two ways. First, we make up our mind about things that would happen according to our worries. We are distracted by it and then we act upon that decision. Second, we sometimes believe that we know exactly what people think and why they do what they do. We react sometimes without taking a break to reflect. And the consequences of poor decisions are sometimes even powerful enough to destroy relationships with people we care about.

2. Drama Queen is On Stage

Don’t dramatise the small stuff. By over-thinking, you throw yourself into the chasm of stress. We tend to give small things bigger meaning  or attention than they deserve. Most of the things we are so worried about will NEVER happen in reality. This habit of dramatising things and overreacting brings nothing good to your daily life. By practising stressing less, you release your mind from unnecessary worrying that wears you down mentally.

3. Imaginary Rules and Limiting Beliefs

All of those “I must do this”, “I have to” and “according to my rules” capture us in chains putting our freedom in question. By casting those excessive rules and limiting beliefs into practice we clutter our mind stripping it down from its effective powers. And even when we don’t do something “according to our rules” the guilt rushes in to tie us down even stronger.

4. Breaking the Mind Frames

By putting all of the things that happen to us into strict categories, our mind begins to feel captured in a cage without any attempt to think creatively beyond these frames. We react to things according to our mind frames, which we set in stone ourselves, and we tend to see different meaning of things compared to what they REALLY mean. Try less labelling things and gain more experience beyond your mind frames.

5. When Enough Is Better Than PERFECT

The world is everything but “Bad” or “Perfect”. When we strive for the perfect job, there is a likelihood we will never find one. We would see everything through that blurry filter of perfectionism when ENOUGH is never enough. If we strive for a perfect relationship, nitpicking the setbacks of the one we are in right now, we put ourselves in danger of staying PERFECTLY alone. This perfectionism puts everything into stress making it virtually impossible to enjoy life and the things we already have as they are… More gratitude, less obsession with “perfect”!

6. The Bottom Line Overdo

If we fail miserably one time it doesn’t necessarily mean that we would fail again and again from then on. When we achieve something great we are proud of it but it doesn’t mean that the bottom line is that we are a true virtue of success unless we strive and go onwards for new accomplishments. When I failed once it doesn’t mean I failed as a person entirely.

7. Breaking Up With Apathy

The more we wait for bad things to happen the more of them are attracted into reality. Practice more to be optimistic. From every challenge that life throws at you find something meaningful. See the opportunities to grow and become more experienced in this art of living and putting a brave face on more frequently.

8. Leaving The Past in The Past

The more you put the “repeat” mode on your past twisting and turning all the possible parallel outcomes of the situations you wish went differently, the more regret and sorrow you will experience towards it. The truth is, we have no power over our past nor to change it the way we see fit. No matter what you did or what went wrong, try to let it go. Forgive yourself for what you didn’t know better. Forgive and release yourself from those heavy chains of your past. Try to see it as one chapter in your book of life and be ready to turn the page with the hope for much more to come…


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