8 Toxic Habits That Can Actually Harm You

8 Toxic Habits That Can Actually Harm You We all know how harmful smoking cigarettes, eating unhealthy, and not exercising can be, but there are tons of little things we do every day that can be just as dangerous. From your dietary habits to hygiene routine, here are some the everyday practices that can significantly shorten your lifespan.

8 Toxic Habits That Can Actually Harm You

1. Eating fish

This might come as a surprise because most nutrition experts suggest incorporating fish into your daily menu, but the truth is, not all fish is good for your health. As a matter of fact, the majority of fish you can find on the market comes from fish farms, and it’s often full of pesticides. Fish caught in the oceans, on the other hand, can contain traces of mercury. Mercury is a dangerous neurotoxin that gets stored in your kidneys, blood, brain, liver, and fatty tissues and it can lead to muscular spasms and death.

2. Watching too much TV

Being glued to TV, computer or any other gadget’s screen can result in sleep deprivation and shorten your life. When you spend too much time staring at the screen, it gets harder to relax, unwind and fall asleep and it’s well known that sleep deprivation is dangerous for your health – it can lead to accidents in traffic, various heart diseases, and high blood pressure. On the other hand, sitting in front of a TV can increase the risk of diabetes since people barely move while watching a television program.

3. Breathing indoors

While it may sound like a joke, it’s a bit more serious than that. Smoke, pet dander, and volatile organic compounds (also known as VOCs) can make indoor air up to five times more polluted than the air outdoors. VOCs are organic chemicals found in most household items – cleaning products, paint, new furniture, etc. While harmful VOCs are usually not acutely toxic, they can have adverse long-term health effects. Liver, kidneys and central nervous system are just some of the organs that can be damaged by breathing polluted indoor air.

4. Fast food and microwave popcorn

It goes without saying that fast food is not the healthiest choice when it comes to your dietary habits, but there’s something else, equally dangerous, about these prepackaged meals. It’s the bags they come in – the material in junk food and popcorn wrappers that makes it grease-proof can be very harmful to your health. Polyfluoroalkyl phosphate esters get your food and then into your body where they break down into a potentially deadly substance – perfluorooctanoic acid that can affect cholesterol levels.

5. Too much sitting

Little or no physical activity and spending a lot of time in a particular pose can lead to diabetes, not to mention the problems it can cause to your back and posture. Sedentary behavior is consistently linked to more than 30 chronic diseases and conditions, and that’s why Physits therapists advise regular massages, stretching, and investing in an ergonomically designed chair. Sitting on an exercise ball can also improve your posture, balance, and stability, so make sure you find an alternative to a long-term chair sitting.

6. Messaging while walking or driving

It’s not an unusual sight – seeing people walking down the streets like zombies, staring at their smartphones, texting, and not paying attention to the traffic and people around them. It’s even more dangerous to do it while driving since you’re endangering other people’s lives, too. Get your focus back on the road – nothing is that urgent that you must risk your life because of it.

8. Rapid ear cleaning

Most people see ear wax as dirt and don’t realize it’s in there for a reason – to protect your ears from bacteria and other impurities. Fats and oils capture particles and transport them out of your ears through ear wax. Careless, rapid ear cleaning can damage delicate eardrum or even cause a rupture that can be both painful and dangerous to your life. Besides damaging your hearing, the ruptured eardrum can cause bacteria to get into your ear and lead to meningitis – a life-threatening illness.

Now that you know how dangerous some of your everyday habits can be, you can make an effort and try to kick them. Nothing is more important than your health, so don’t take this for granted!

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