Adele Hawkes

5 Effective Ways to Boost Your Emotional Resilience

Emotional resilience is that indefatigable quality that allows us to adapt to challenging, stressful or unforeseen circumstances and bounce back, rather than fall apart. It’s what enables some people to persevere in the face of significant setbacks and roll with the punches, while others fall at the first hurdle. Think of it as both a preventative and protective mental armor.... Read More...

Adele Hawkes

Adele Hawkes is a Positive Psychology Coach, who empowers her clients to gain clarity on their goals, capitalize on their strengths and become happier and more successful – whatever that means to them. She is also passionate about addressing children’s and teenagers’ self-confidence and emotional resilience. Please, connect with Adele on Twitter @adele_hawkes, Instagram adele_hawkes or find out more on her website

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