Aimee Teesdale

How to Overcome Risk Aversion in Life

What makes people prone to risk aversion in life? Recently I was speaking to a friend, in her early 40s, who commented that she gets older, the more she's scared of taking a risk. She figured that she has MORE to lose now, and the thought of doing something bold, like quitting her job, following her dreams, or taking bigger actions just became more and more daunting. And it's a common complaint. We refer to people who are young as 'young, free and single,' and we tell them to 'do it while you can.' But it's not a complaint I agree with.... Read More...

One Simple Reason WHY Most People Never Get What They Want

Your dream job. Financial freedom. More awesome mates. A great relationship. Location independence. A drop-dead healthy and stunning body. World peace. I don't think many people would complain about being able to tick off the above list of accomplishments from their bucket list...but the percentage of people that have them is few, and having ALL of them, even fewer!... Read More...

The Truth About “Starting a New Life”

Today I woke up with a renewing feeling of ‘moving on’. As I got into the shower on this fine Sunday morning in London, I said to myself, ‘it’s like I’m waking up on the first day of a new life. It’s like I’m learning to stand up on my own two feet again.’ And I breathed in the sense of excitement, nervousness, and loneliness that it evoked all at once.... Read More...

Aimee Teesdale

Aimee C. Teesdale is a life and mindset coach with over 10 years experience in the field of psychology and personal development. Having spent most of her early adulthood suffering with a negative mindset of low confidence and self-doubt, Aimee began a transformational journey of personal growth that has got her where she is today: achieving what she previously thought to be impossible, running a successful business that allows her to live life on her own terms. Aimee now works with people who are committed to changing their lives in a significant way but know that the biggest barrier they face is themselves. Through the magic of life and mindset coaching, her clients are able to change their thinking, change their actions, and change their results. Stay in touch with Aimee via Facebook.

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