Alice Burnett

How to Stop the War in Your Mind and Find Peace

Why am I so unproductive? Am I going to accomplish anything worthwhile in this life? Why am I such an introvert? When will I stop punishing myself? Sometimes the pit of self-absorption deepens until you can’t escape by normal means. And although you really would like to climb out, digging yourself deeper is so temptingly easy. But there are ways of stopping the war in your mind and finding peace...... Read More...

Alice Burnett

Alice Burnett is a writer, mother, occasional maths teacher and full-time seeker of natural highs. Alice grew up on a farm in Devon, England. Having studied philosophy at Cambridge, a subject she is still passionate about, she worked as a lawyer in London and Paris. Her first novel Ideal Love was published in 2017. Stay in touch with Alice via Twitter.  

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