How to Manage Workplace Stress in 5 Easy Steps

Everyone is different with unique stress triggers of their own as well as ways of dealing with stress. However, work is one common trigger that many of us share. Whether or not you enjoy your job, anything from the desire to do better, to deadlines, probably make you feel anxious regularly. Too often, that anxiousness can build itself up into stress in no time. This is why today, I want to talk to you about 5 tried (by me) and tested things that can help relieve your work-related stress.... Read More...

8 Amazing Habits to Improve Positivity In Your Life

Having a positive outlook on life is perhaps the most important habit aiming towards the belief of how everything can always change for the best. In the face of adversity and difficulties, it can be hard to remain calm and optimistic, which is why just like everything that requires effort in life, it ends up paying off.... Read More...

5 Important Things I Learned in Rehab About Self-Confidence

People seemed to like me better when I was on my party-mode, and nobody ever hid those thoughts from me. I went from being the lame, silent kid in class, to be the King. My social circle grew as wide as the whole classroom and I didn’t have to worry about how I really felt because everyone around me was thinking that I was one of the cool ones to be around. Unfortunately, that reputation only lasted for a while.... Read More...


Hi, I am Andy! I was born in Bogota, Colombia but raised in Los Angeles California. I spend most of my time helping others with their recovery and growing my online business.

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