Ani Wilson

Get Smarter: 3 Powerful Brain Hacks to Skyrocket Your IQ

The human brain is astounding.  Brain research continues, almost daily, to excite us and challenge our formal understanding of what is really going on within. We used to think that we had access to only 10% of our brainpower.  This, of course, is entirely misunderstood and is a fact that continues to be misused and misquoted. Let me explain this statement to expose the nature of this conspiracy that continues to limit our thinking and gives us doubt.... Read More...

Ani Wilson

Traditionally a corporate consultant for 20 yrs, Ani is now an International Speaker, Author & Coach on Leadership Burnout, helping management teams & high achievers excel mentally without the confines of stress impacting their performance. Ani’s passionate about Brain Hacking for mental mastery. She is an author of “Unbreakable Leadership - An Overachievers Guide to Mental Stamina & Performance without Burning Out” scheduled for publication release Sept 2017. Reach out to Ani via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn;

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