Bethany Allen

How to Explain Anxiety to Someone Who Doesn’t Get it

When we talk to people suffering from anxiety, most of them would describe this as a feeling of deep dread, apprehension of doom and gloom. It is a part of 'fight or flight' response which is a natural reaction to events we find rather stressful; it helps us deal with various demanding situations like before delivering a speech and getting exposed in front of a massive audience, or studying and trying to pass the excruciatingly important exam. In fairness, short-term anxiety can help us stay more focused and alert which could be useful when dealing with perceived threat, but long-term anxiety has a harmful impact on the body and the mind. ... Read More...

How to Cope With Panic Attack

Panic + Fear = Powerless. An equation that has frequently been added up in my head! Anyone who has ever suffered from panic attacks (even if you have only had one once) will know they’re hard to forget. Not to mention tough to manage. In this post, I hope to be able to share my experiences of panic attacks and give some advice on how to live life alongside these unpredictable moments.... Read More...

How to Speak Out: Why It’s Okay to Not be Okay

Through these apps and social media, many of us pretend that our lives are perfect. I’m not innocent either! So many times I have felt pressured to post on my Instagram just to keep up face even though I am having a real rough time. Whack a ridiculously filtered selfie up on your page, and everyone is none the wiser. But everybody knows – nobody’s life is perfect. So why are we striving so hard to pretend that we are blemish free when we all secretly know that some days we just want to crawl back into bed and cry all day?... Read More...

Bethany Allen

Beth Allen is a Mental Health Advocate, and an active video blogger, check out her YouTube channel - Miss Anxiety that aims to be and fun and truthful whilst showing life with Mental Illness (the channel is very new so support there would be wonderful!) and Beth is 100% committed to showing the world that its okay to not be okay.

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