Bridgette Macilwaine

4 Simple Lifestyle Changes to Improve Your Life

Our wellbeing should be at the heart of all that we do. We are living longer and working harder than ever, and yet we still try to fit in all the things that we love, which can lead us to complete exhaustion. Combined, this can mean a burnout is on the horizon, and that our mental health suffers as a result. Thankfully, taking a step back and slowing down is all that many of us need to recuperate. You can enjoy life again, and you can improve your outlook; all you need to do is focus more on your health and wellbeing, and to make these 4 simple lifestyle changes starting today.... Read More...

How to Eat Healthy While on Vacation

So you’ve decided to go on vacation, and perhaps you've taken a look at some french riviera vacation rentals and booked your time away. Now what? Chances are you’ve also been on a bit of a diet, trying to eat healthy, as you wish to look and feel good while you’re away. But how can you stick to your healthy diet when you’re on vacation, and resist all those delicious temptations you’re going to be faced with? It's easier than you think.... Read More...

How to Start Running: 7 Brilliant Ideas For Beginners

You hear people talking about how great their run was and how good they feel afterwards. And so you have decided you want to try going for a run, but you don’t run often or have never tried it before. Or maybe you are not sure if you doing it right! Not to worry, I have some easy and helpful tips to get you started. Remember this: running should be enjoyable! Running should get your heart rate going, make you sweat a little (or a lot) and boost your energy, vitality, and self-confidence.... Read More...

Bridgette Macilwaine

Born in Zimbabwe and travelled throughout the world Bridgette Jennifer set out on a mission to hyper health this world by sharing her simple yet outstanding ideas on healthy living, happiness and positivity! She is a prominent Wellness Expert and a featured author on HavingTime. Stay in touch with Bridgette via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

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