Calvin Niles

How Gratitude Can Offer Perspective and Solace

My son’s response triggered a wave of emotion in me. I was glad too, to still be able to be there for him. But there is more. While there are other lessons that I could extract from this experience, such as the temporal nature of life and why one should live courageously, no lesson shone brighter to me in this instance than that of being grateful. Gratitude can offer an incredible perspective and solace.... Read More...

Want to Know Yourself Better? One Question to Answer Right Now

In essence, we all have experiences that we bury in the shadow and which unconsciously drive our behavior. However, given the will, we also have what it takes to look beyond the 38th parallel, beyond the borders of the DMZ and into the northern unconscious. We can do this when we choose to, again, not in a tiring act of restless pursuit to catalog our entire lives hitherto, but as a natural part of reflection and emotional growth. And then, once we discover these gems, we can let them go.... Read More...

Calvin Niles

Calvin Niles is a speaker, author, coach and entrepreneur. When speaking and writing he uses the power of the story to inspire his audiences to realize their best self. Fun and engaging, he coaches leaders, speakers, and entrepreneurs to communicate authentically and with impact. In business, Calvin seeks out opportunities to create innovative products that do social good. Stay connected with Calvin via Twitter and LinkedIn.

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