Carrie Jolie Dale

Attract the Love You Desire With the Power of Choice

I went to Brazil to find myself, and I found love. Was it always easy? NO. There were many seemingly insurmountable obstacles to John and I being together and making it work. And 10 years later, that insurmountable love is brighter, stronger and lovelier than ever. When we make a commitment to choose love—just unabashedly choose love—the universe will answer us. Does it always show up in the perfect little package we expect? No, not always. But if our energy and vibration is pure, consistent and true—it will come to us. Love is our natural state. Love is the truth of who we really are. Love is our birthright.... Read More...

Carrie Jolie Dale

Carrie Jolie Dale is an author, choice strategist and manifesting ninja. Carrie used the principles and simple mantra in this book to take her life from a red-hot mess to true spiritual and personal success. From seedy bars in LA to sipping hallucinogenic tea with shamans in the jungles of Brazil, Carrie lived the principles in this book. She walked the talk and is living proof that anyone can find happiness, meaning and purpose in their life by mastering their choices. Carrie lives in the high desert of central Oregon with her two daughters, a loving husband, and goofy dogs. After years of struggling to find happiness, she can confidently and finally say… she is at peace. And that was a great choice.

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