Daniel Giers

#PayItForward: How to Be a Story without an Author

Every day in every region of the world there are stories being told. Unknown names and faces help in emergencies or in simple moments of respect and kindness. A man with a free hugs sign in an open air mall. A random stranger running across a highway to help an overturned car. A sudden heart attack assisted by a card-carrying CPR member breathing for a random passerby while the paramedics arrive. All of these are stories without authors.... Read More...

Powerful Ways to Rekindle the Spark in a Strained Relationship

Too many times we hear the phrase “grounds for divorce” and think about its devastating impact. Instead, we should be thinking about grounds for marriage. What is it that you do, feel, and say that keeps your loved one close? While no universal practice or theory of marriage and relationships exists, we can sort out a few important tips that span all relationships.... Read More...

How to Quickly Identify the Things you Need to Let Go of

We can't hope to truly move on without releasing the ties and anchors that hold us down. It can be hurtful to find out that we are the holders of the key to release our leg, but I can promise that once you open the lock and release your emotional baggage, you will see happiness manifest and know that you empowered yourself to take the step. You are stronger than you can ever imagine. Begin today with basic honesty.... Read More...

Daniel Giers

Daniel Giers is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, Co-owner, and Clinical Director of Healthy Strides, LLC in Illinois, USA. Daniel is the founder of Informed Mind and writes on his experiences with Bipolar Disorder and COPD and is currently working on his first book about the healing power of communication with horses. Daniel works daily in speech and presentation to reduce stigma and allow his clients, and society to live free and healthy lives. Follow Daniel on Twitter and on Facebook. See more of Daniel's work at healthystrideseap.com

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