Doug Mains

How to Stop Apologizing For Everything You Do

Apologizing is a weak attempt at a quick fix. We hate to rock the boat so when we do, we wave the magic wand frantically while chanting, “I’m sorry!” with the unsureness of Ron Weasley. But, over-apologizing is not an admission of the heart--it’s fluff as useless as a magic wand. And, while, sometimes, “I’m sorry” needs to be said, most of the time, it is better to refrain.... Read More...

How to Have Effective Conversation

In this world, everyone likes to be heard, but few seem to stop talking long enough to listen. More often than not, as soon as someone starts to speak, we are guilty of spending our internal energy on mustering up something awesome to say in response. Active listening is a lost art to the excessive barking of Dodo birds.... Read More...

5 Better Things to Be Than Just An Artist

Stop trying to be an artist. That title has been spoiled by the pressure it carries. Don’t focus internally - “am I good enough” - “am I truly an artist” - but focus on the simple work you can do to tend to your art, discover your creativity, swing for your home run, reflect the world around you, and inspire movement. “The muse honors the working stiff.” Start painting a hundred paintings, one at a time, and someday you might step back to find your masterpiece.... Read More...

The top 5 Regrets in Life You Should Avoid

Read the list of top 5 regrets in life and imagine what it would look like to live a life without those regrets: not living simply to meet the expectations of others; giving yourself permission to rest and relax; courageously telling people what you are really feeling; calling up a friend to say hello; enjoying life in the moment without worrying about the future.... Read More...

How to Develop the Freedom to Fail & Achieve Your Goals

Nike’s slogan has never worked for me. After excessively failing at my self-appointed objectives, I eventually realized that my failure was not in not accomplishing my goal nor in unsuccessfully creating a habit but in not setting myself up for success. My failure wasn’t after the fact but before it. I was setting myself up to fail by being impatient with myself and expecting too much out of myself too soon. I had the wrong mindset back then...... Read More...

Doug Mains

A voice for silently-struggling men, Dadding Depressed is a resource for guys with mental illness and their supporters from a struggling new dad’s perspective.
Living with depression and anxiety, I have noticed a need for male advocacy in online resources regarding mental health. I am a freelance writer equipped with honesty, perspective, and humor. As I personally learn how to better function as a new dad and a man dealing with the challenges of mental illness, it is my hope to be a voice for other men who are silently hurting.

I live in East Lansing, Michigan with my gorgeous wife, Lindsey; my eight-month-old son, Isaiah; and our crazy Cockapoo, Wendell. Over the last five years, I have been on a challenging journey of unraveling my own mental health issues, rediscovering my value, and growing as a father and husband. I love good food, great beer, pretentious coffee, ping-pong, soccer, collecting vinyl records and hardcover editions of my favorite books.

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