Gigi Solo

4.4 Billion People Feel Unloved. Are You One?

I recently heard about a study that claims 60% of all humans feel like no one really loves them. That means that at any given moment some 4.4 billion people feel unloved. That number is staggering. If that many people are experiencing a lack of love in their lives it would explain why there is such a vast amount of hatred and suffering on the planet. It has been illustrated that children who grow up in households without love, as adults, they are often unable to give or accept love and can exhibit signs of self-loathing or anti-social behavior.... Read More...

Gigi Solo

Gigi is a native of Los Angeles, California. She is a blogger (, artist, traveler, solopreneur, designer of the M.O.D. (self-sustaining mobile, off-grid, dwelling). She is currently inventing a word for a person who is single, unmarried, without children, siblings or family. She thrives as "solo" and is creating a community of support for other "solo"-ist. Stay in touch via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and check your Etsy store as well!

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