Having Time

Effective Sleeping Pill for Your Restless Inner Critic

Have you ever been tortured by your relentless inner critic? Self-criticism is a habit that comes up with new "protecting" mechanisms that hold us back from reaching our fullest potential. See it as a hot air balloon that strives to lift itself up only to learn that it is stuck with a couple of sandbags filled with disbelief in its ability to fly..!

4 Helpful Tips to Get Back into Yoga After Taking a Break

In my entire life I have never met a yogi who wouldn't take a break from his practice. There comes a point in time when even the most amazing relationships hit a pause. Naturally we go on hiatus and mingle with other issues. I took a break from my yoga practice and wasn't sure if I would ever return to yoga. Sure enough my yoga mat was gathering dust under the bed for months! But then, something had changed which led me back into my yoga practise...

3 Things That Really Make Life Worth Living

What Makes Life Worth Living? Things that make life worth living? How to Make Life Worth Living. I guess we grew accustomed to define ourselves in terms of the things that we own – things that make us feel special and worthy. Things that become an extended version of ourselves. We also live our lives expecting "big moments" to come and blow our minds away so we can forget about our ordinary and boring day-to-day life... Does it sound familiar?

How to Wake Up in a Good Mood: One Simple Reminder

What is the first thing you think about when you open your eyes in the morning? Do you normally feel anxious about the scenarios and the routes your day might take? Do your thoughts run a marathon down your to-do list? I believe that the morning is the most powerful part of the day. What we put into it we get out of it. Think yeast and dough. If we charge our morning with positive thoughts of gratitude – the feel good mode arises making us energetic and happy. The more we focus on positivity, the better we feel...

Extrovert & Introvert: The Key to Understanding Both

An introvert is a person who is absolutely cozy and comfortable within his permanent shell. A shy person is a person who has his temporary shell which he would love to lose at any given moment. Introverts find their comfort in calm low key places and they would rather read a book than go and dance in the club. Extensive socialising for introverts is an emotionally draining experience – shy people on the other hand do not always prefer solitude. They are just timid to connect with other people.

10 Places of Iceland That Will Take your Breath Away

When I think of Iceland, I think of the movie with brilliant Marilyn Monroe called ‘Some Like it Hot’ and it yanks out a contradicting idea of ‘some like it cold’ or even both! Iceland is worldwide famous for its beautiful and breathtaking waterfalls, dramatic landscapes, stunning volcanic beaches with black sand, hot springs, geysers, beautiful rivers, icebergs, lagoons, whale watching adventures and much more… If you are passionate about natural wonders of Earth and you always dreamed about going somewhere rather unusual for your nature admiring fix – Iceland is one of the most beautiful countries on Earth. And here’s why...