Holly Russel

5 Quirky Things You Can Do to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed

When the walls are closing in and you’re feeling an avalanche of emotions, you’ve simply got to do something to break the momentum your brain is building. I’m sure that health experts and psychologists could offer practical tips for disrupting an undesirable mental pattern, but I’m here to offer some offbeat advice that takes no training (and not a lot of time to do it!).... Read More...

Holly Russel

Holly Russel has a BA in Journalism from New York University. She works as a marketing copywriter and counts dogs among her favorite things on the planet – along with tacos, books, social media, and New York City. When she’s not behind a laptop, Holly spends her time practicing yoga, kayaking, spinning and brunching. She lives and writes in Wilmington, NC. Visit her at hollyrussel.com.

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