Jadi Engels

Too Busy to Enjoy Life? Here’s What Might Help You

Pausing; slowing down; reflecting; writing, experiences that deeply nourish my soul, are stolen by my louder, more urgent, fear of not having enough time, and not getting all of my ‘work’ done. As the thought swell rises, I feel my chest tighten, my breath shortens, the space between thoughts getting smaller, and the all-too-familiar anxiety and irritability set in. I become a less expanded version of myself: stressed, tight, and withheld.

The Importance of Embracing the In-Between Moments

If eternal bliss; total peace and contentment; were as easy as sitting down to one or two meditation practices, I think the secret would be out by now, and we’d all be in Nirvana. But it’s not; it’s a practice. And most of the things that matter to us in life are just that – a practice..!