Jess Stuart

7 Simple Ways to Find Your Purpose and Live Meaningfully

I used to spend a lot of time daydreaming about all of the things I’d like to be doing with my life.  But I had a corporate job and was busy ticking things off my bucket list, settling down, finding a house and a man who’d love me.  All of the things I felt I should do, all of the things society tells us is the way.  But my life lacked meaning and I was unsure of what my real purpose was.  Stuck is a job that suffocated my soul, I thought there must be other ways to make ends meet?  Do you ever find yourself asking those questions; is this all there is?  Is this what life is all about?  What would you do if you had more time, money, freedom?

How to Be Wealthy, Even When Your Wallet is Empty

We have a tendency to equate success based on what we have or what we earn. I grew up thinking the more money I had, the more successful I was, and that more was always better. I spent much of my life chasing the elusive dream, the house, car, corporate titles and earned a lot of money in the process but it was doing this that made me realize material wealth does not make me happy, in fact, it can have the opposite effect. I worked all hours to earn more money, but it left me with no time to do the things I enjoyed and to live my life, beyond the material.

How to Be at Peace With Uncertainty

I spent many years trying to fit in, doing what I thought I should, conforming to society’s norms, though, it didn’t make me happy. When I hit 30 I decided there must be more to life than this and went in search of happiness. I left my top corporate job, my relationship of 7 years, my home, possessions and my country.