Lukas Zoerner

Do You Have What It Takes to Be an Entrepreneur?

Last week I had a fantastic opportunity to talk to Lukas Zoerner about the challenges of being an entrepreneur, especially when it comes to shaking up the status quo. I've met Lukas during Startupbootcamp acceleration program where I was an entrepreneur-in-residence. Lukas came across as someone so irritatingly brilliant, I couldn't get enough of talking, and debating, and arguing with him so much so we first became frenemies, and then, good friends ;-]... Read More...

Lukas Zoerner

Lukas Zörner is the founder & CEO of Mespo, the intelligent money manager for people like you & me. Mespo identifies savings opportunities in your finances and offers you better alternatives directly through their chat-based platform. Once you give Mobillity the go-ahead, they then do the legwork of realizing these savings for you too. In today's world, both time & money are rare, that's why Mespo wants to save you both.

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