Mariem Sherif

A Good Reminder to Help You Cope With Bad Days in Life

The life of ups and downs doesn’t like to change its rhythm. It wouldn't change its rhythm. A fact that we have been told since the very beginning. A fact that has been proven with every year and every era. A fact that we were told to try and cope with it and we did cope. For some time we did know how to accept these changes. We did learn how to be happy on bright days and patient on the dull ones.... Read More...

How to Face and Solve Problems in Your Life

What if I tell you that I have seen you every time you tried to hide. Every time you thought of running away or actually did run away because you were too unsure you can face your problems. What if I tell you that I was there when you couldn't stand to fight for what you have always wanted because you thought it was bigger than what you could take. What if I tell you that I knew how you let your problems outgrow you when you decided to avoid them.... Read More...

Mariem Sherif

Mariem Sherif is an Egyptian medical student. Also, a writer at Berlin Artparasites and Thought Catalog. She strongly believes that words can heal, that in each and every one of us there is something special and that in details lies another great different life for those who notice. Stay in touch with Mariem on Facebook.

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