Marion Selista

The Power of a Positive NO & How it Changes Your Life for the Better

Saying ‘no’ is difficult even when it's a positive NO. We are so used to saying yes to a lot of things and coming up with excuses when we should have just said no. There are people you feel like you can never say no to such as close friends, your boss or even your family. However, it is high time you learned that sometimes declining to do things will bring a positive impact on your life. It can enable you to achieve your dreams and become more successful in life.... Read More...

Marion Selista

Marion Selista is a blogger and a lifestyle coach. Her mission is to help people find the motivation and tools to get to their personal development and emotional health goals. She is keen on writing about self-development, leadership, lifestyle and work-life balance. Currently blogging for Smart Pill Wiki resource.

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