Michelle Kirsch

How to Come Home to Your Authentic Self

We are raised in a society that generally has a lot to say about who we should become. It can be extremely difficult to separate the expectations placed on us from our own true thoughts and feelings. Sometimes our own thoughts are intertwined with those from our family, friends, teachers and community, that we have to dig deep to discover what feels right and sacred for ourselves...

Why Busyness Such a Badge of Honor? Discovered!

When we’re busy, we don’t have time to do the work we’re really meant to be doing. We don’t have time to go the extra mile for a client or customer. We don’t have time to make a difference for someone. Busyness acts like an invisible barrier around us, keeping us from getting over-involved, hurt or even from failing. We can’t fail if we’re too busy to start. Why is Busyness Such a Badge of Honour? Has Busyness Become the Ultimate Excuse for Not Making People a Priority in our Lives?