Monik Singh

How to Plan Your Day and Stick to it

Is having a foolproof way to plan the day can help in creating more time? Most people these days tend to complain about the lack of time in their life. There is never enough time... And time is one thing that we cannot buy. We might be dreaming about having time to tick off all the things on our to-do list with ease and still have some time for hobbies and other fun activities and spend quality time with people we love most. Despite the above wish list, the fact remains that we are always playing catch up game with time. So how do we create more of it?... Read More...

Monik Singh

Monik Singh is a personal development coach, author, and blogger. He passionately believes in creating a life he really wants to live and teaches others to do the same through his blog Custom Design Your Life. Some 10 years back when he started working in the corporate world, he was unhappy and lost. He gradually transformed his life and now truly enjoys his life. You can reach out to him through his blog or on his FB page or on Instagram.

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