Osmara Aryal

How to Breathe Your Way to Inner Calm and Peace

From a young age, we've been told to whenever we get frustrated or stressed to take a deep breath and calm down. Indeed, the slow inhale and exhale helped us release tension and relieve the stress that we were experiencing at that moment. What we didn't understand as kids, and what more researchers come to affirm, is that our breath is one of the powerful master keys into unlocking mental clarity and stillness of the mind. It is possible to breathe your way to inner calm and peace.... Read More...

Osmara Aryal

Osmara Aryal, MBA is the founder of CalmWithYoga.com, a site dedicated to using yogic philosophy, mindfulness, and meditation to increase inner calm, mental focus, vital energy, and quality rest. She’s a Certified Functional Nutrition Practitioner and a Certified Yoga Teacher, specializing in Yoga Nidra, Yin Yoga, and Meditation. Her work has been featured multiple times on CNN and the Miami Herald.  An inspired global social entrepreneur, Osmara has collaborated with organizations like READ Global and Fundacion En Via. When she’s not exploring corners of the world with her husband, or when her eyes aren’t glued to the computer researching, you’ll find her on the mat, concocting gut-healing dishes in her kitchen, or cuddling with fur-babies Yodha and Molly. Stay in touch with Osmara via Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.  

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