Patty Richmond

How to be at Peace When Your World Turns to Chaos

I was hit from every angle but discovered that this was a fight I could win. I could give up or take it head on. It never was easy, except when I was sleeping, but I was determined to come out of it with myself intact. I started asking myself how the future would look? I wondered if I should envision it with a lesser hope to protect myself from the worst case scenario. Or should I envision better than ever things for my future instead?... Read More...

Patty Richmond

I’m a married mother of 4 adult children, author, and founder of Life has brought me tremendous joy through my family, husband, and children. I have also experienced considerable loss and challenges of which I go into depth in my book “Justice Unknown.” It is my hope to offer hope and encouragement to others as they journey through marriage, parenthood, relationships, and life struggles. Let's stay in touch via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest.

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