Rich Bracken

How to Avoid Burnout When You Work Extra Hard

More and more people become addicted to working non-stop; we like to think of ourselves as busy and incredibly important, so off we go tethering ourselves to the Internet and mostly communicate with the rest of the world via screens. We could be going at hyper speeds smashing goals, reaching new highs and from a distance, things look great but on the inside, we often are failing and lose balance, and can't even see how being busy and working extra hard is destroying us right until we hit the wall and face burnout. But there's a way out of this turmoil. ... Read More...

Rich Bracken

Rich Bracken is a leadership consultant and emotional intelligence enthusiast from Kansas City. Through his television appearances, successful podcast, EnRich Your Soul, and as a professor, his core principle is serving and empowering others to succeed in life. A self-proclaimed human jukebox, Rich is a music aficionado who can be found carrying on a concert in his car every day. You can learn more about Rich on and follow him on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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