Sam Adams

5 Helpful Tips to Start Every Day on a Positive Note

One of the most important things to starting every day right and on a positive note is what are our last thoughts are we go to sleep and what are our first thoughts when we wake.  Most of us don’t even give it a second thought, I know I never used to..  I just stumbled through life accepting life as it was and my mood was my mood.  I didn’t realize then that I could control my mood that I could decide what mood I would wake up in!... Read More...

Sam Adams

Sam Adams is a Motivational Speaker and Happiness coach, helping people lead Happier and more positive daily lives.   She hosts a Happiness Retreat in Spain several times a year called Rhythm of Life Retreat.   Also a Property Investor she currently spends some of her time in Spain where she is renovating a house.  She is very active on social media, you can check out her page on Facebook, her Facebook group Rhythm of Life.  Also, find her on Instagram @sammotives and Twitter.

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