Samantha Case

5 Powerful Life Lessons From Traveling Around The World

Traveling experience is so much more than crossing places off your bucket list. There is an endless multitude of powerful life lessons to learn when visiting other countries. You bravely open yourself up to new experiences, getting to know the people and the culture of each new place you explore – and then you suddenly realize that you return home, not only with bucket loads of colorful memories but a lot of new skills too.... Read More...

Samantha Case

Samantha Case is a writer, a wanderer, a spiritual seeker, and a full-time student of life's experiences. She’s often curious about the truth that lives below the surface of our thoughts and choices, and she explores the questions in her writing. She generally writes about self-growth and the deeper meaning behind life's experiences. She can be found on Instagram @samcasewrites. Samantha also runs Taproot Theory, a blog that focuses on living a life of intention, meaning, and purpose. Find the blog at or on Instagram @taproottheory. In her free time, Samantha travels and explores the woods.

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