Silja Litvin

It’s Time to Put Emotional Fitness on The Curriculum

I often worry about the younger generation and all the pollution they have to take care of. The seas, the air, the digital landscape: nothing is easy about navigating those issues, and we still don’t teach resilience, mental strength and emotional strategies at schools – right where they SHOULD be taught. Emotional fitness is your best armor against all of life’s challenges. When you’re emotionally fit, there’s nothing that can throw you off course because you’ve cultivated the inner-strength to block difficulties from infiltrating your mission and affecting your purpose.... Read More...

Silja Litvin

Silja Litvin is a psychologist, founder & CEO of PsycApps, a digital mental health platform and developer of eQuoo – the Emotional Fitness Game. Her company uses AI, gamification, and chatbots to help people help themselves. Stay in touch with Silja via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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