Tonya Roberts

Now is Not Forever: How to Deal With Uncomfortable Emotions

We love those big explosive, happy emotions on a sunny day. But we are not that keen on big challenging emotions. Nope, not negative. Challenging emotions. You can tag them as hard, or difficult, but do you really believe any emotions could be purely negative? Don't they all serve a purpose? Our emotions are an expression of how we feel at the fleeting moment in time. They are not forever and serve us as a reflection of how we dissipate the energy associated with those incredibly overwhelming feelings.... Read More...

How to Start Feeling Confident and Worthy

The feeling of not being good enough was so overwhelming and so powerful for me it took most of my life to break free from its reigns. It was almost like a domino effect as self-doubt trickled into every area of my life. I began to please others so much that in my job I had my colleagues actually calling me the 'sorry girl' because I apologized so much it became a habit that I only broke when I left the job!... Read More...

Tonya Roberts

Tonya Roberts is an environmentalist - activist  - passionate PETA supporter - vegan - unstoppable runner & obsessed with documentaries of any sort! Stay in touch with Tonya via Twitter.

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