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Do You Have to Know the Darkness Before You Can Appreciate the Light?

When I started writing my blog about my mental health, I realized that at some point, I was going to be writing while in the middle of an episode of depression.  As I have been mentally well for such a long time, I thought that could take ages to be the case, and I may almost seem a fraud.  Call it the law of attraction, but here I am a short time later in the midst of what seems to be one of the worst episodes I have had for some time.

How to Turn Depression Into a Powerful Tool for Creativity

There are a lot of times in your life where things do not go your way. Every person has different criteria and way of dealing with things. Some get out of trouble without having to even ask for help; while others may suffer so much that they start getting bouts of depression marked by periods of anxiety and inner turmoil. There are multiple ways to battle depression and live a healthy life, and even though depression affects all of us differently, it has its effects more on a creative person.

How to Cope With Panic Attack

Panic + Fear = Powerless. An equation that has frequently been added up in my head! Anyone who has ever suffered from panic attacks (even if you have only had one once) will know they’re hard to forget. Not to mention tough to manage. In this post, I hope to be able to share my experiences of panic attacks and give some advice on how to live life alongside these unpredictable moments.

One Thing You Should Know About Overcoming Eating Disorder

It was November and I was sat there in a waiting room at the front of an inpatient mental health adolescent hospital in Bristol. My parents sat either side of me. All of us were quite anxious and a bit on edge. The last 24 hours hung over us, my heart ECG coming back as bad and a huge family argument about what was right for me. I guess the reality was that those arguments had pretty much been my life for the last year or so. Ever since my parents had decided to interfere with my eating and made me go to CAMHs.  

6 Tips to Support Your Loved One During Recovery

Everybody knows someone. From your own family, from your circle of friends, from your workplace, from the community you live in - someone who is struggling with addiction - alcohol, social drugs, prescription drugs, so the list goes on. I know plenty of “someones,” but those are the circles I move in. In a way, I always have.

How to Help Your Loved One with Mental Health Problems

We like to comfort ourselves with the thought that medicine has advanced so much that few things are still a mystery and that most, if not all, diseases can be resolved. There is only a category of diseases that still cause fear, confusion and anxiety, the ones about which people talk in a low voice – mental disorders. However, even such an extreme situation as having or living with a loved one who has a mental disorder can be survived with the right approach.

What Makes a Good Night’s Sleep?

A good night’s rest is an important part of your overall health, and not getting the recommended 7 to 9 hours a night can eventually play havoc on both your mental and physical state. Long term sleep debt results in not only a sluggish you, but can even increase your risk for cardiovascular problems, obesity, and even stroke. If you struggle with insomnia, tossing and turning, or pain throughout the night, you may want to consider a few factors contributing to your discomfort.

Eating Well is Something We Should Aim to Do Every Day, Right?

Some of us learned to associate 'eating well' with 'dieting' – those things are fundamentally different. Eating well is something ALL of us should aim for on a daily basis, so there is no need to rush and therefore there is no risk giving up on it too. It's way better to take things slowly, one step at a time, gradually shifting your eating habits in an enjoyable and sustainable way over the long term.

5 Helpful Tips to Start Every Day on a Positive Note

One of the most important things to starting every day right and on a positive note is what are our last thoughts are we go to sleep and what are our first thoughts when we wake.  Most of us don’t even give it a second thought, I know I never used to..  I just stumbled through life accepting life as it was and my mood was my mood.  I didn’t realize then that I could control my mood that I could decide what mood I would wake up in!

How to Alleviate Anxiety: Use These 5 Helpful Techniques

Everyone’s experience anxiety at least once in their lives and it can easily become paralyzing in the right conditions, making us feel like we’re out of control. Focusing on work becomes harder, traveling any distance is panic-inducing, and everyday tasks can feel like impossible tests. We are, however, able to pull ourselves out of these episodes by using grounding techniques.

4 Effective Ways to Eliminate Negative Emotions

At a certain point, I stopped counting the number of times people told me to “think positively” in order to cope with my sorrows. And while I admire those who have a predisposition towards such a state of mind that is naturally transformed from negative into positive, I’ve always found it almost impossible to achieve that peace of mind.

How to Speak Out: Why It’s Okay to Not be Okay

Through these apps and social media, many of us pretend that our lives are perfect. I’m not innocent either! So many times I have felt pressured to post on my Instagram just to keep up face even though I am having a real rough time. Whack a ridiculously filtered selfie up on your page, and everyone is none the wiser. But everybody knows – nobody’s life is perfect. So why are we striving so hard to pretend that we are blemish free when we all secretly know that some days we just want to crawl back into bed and cry all day?

I Tried Protein Shake and Here’s What I Thought

If you are on a diet or workout program, you may consume the shake prior or after the training session. In fact, there is no fundamental difference between the pre-workout and post-workout consumption of the World Protein Shake. Nevertheless, according to the recent studies, the use of protein shakes before training provides the better results.

6 Ways to Overcome Your Social Media Addiction

I would never have thought that I would get hooked on social media! But here I am, struggling with my addiction. I became addicted about a year and a half ago, and I’m still fighting my problem. I had an account on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Heck, I even got one on MySpace (do you remember MySpace?).

Tackling Insomnia: How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Can't sleep? Thinking too much? If you’ve ever had insomnia you probably know how sleep problems can affect your wellbeing, in particular, your mood and anxiety levels. Thinking often plays a role in maintaining sleep problems, such as insomnia. Today, I’m going to walk you through what sleep problems or insomnia look like and then how to address problematic thinking styles that contribute to sleep problems.