We all need motivation to change our life for the better

4 Fun Ways to Kick Feeling Jealous to the Curb

In small doses, a comparison can be useful. It can inspire us, motivate us and show us what is possible. However, there are times when a comparison does nothing but hurt! If feeling jealous leaves you lacklustre and down on yourself, that's when it's time to kick it to the curb. And you might as well have fun doing it!... Read More...

How to Be Wealthy, Even When Your Wallet is Empty

We have a tendency to equate success based on what we have or what we earn. I grew up thinking the more money I had, the more successful I was, and that more was always better. I spent much of my life chasing the elusive dream, the house, car, corporate titles and earned a lot of money in the process but it was doing this that made me realize material wealth does not make me happy, in fact, it can have the opposite effect. I worked all hours to earn more money, but it left me with no time to do the things I enjoyed and to live my life, beyond the material. ... Read More...

Hidden Reasons Why We Suck at Getting What We Want

Do you ever wonder why you’re not getting what you want? Maybe it’s the job, the relationship, the money, the passion, the excitement, or the love? Well, here’s the good news – you’re not alone. This is something many of us struggle with on a constant basis. I am here to tell why these limiting beliefs are blocking you off from getting what you want and how to begin confronting and combating them. Still not getting what you want? Here's why.... Read More...

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