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Here’s Why People Never Do What They Say They Will Do

Has anybody been in a place in time when YOU WOULD PROMISE something and do completely the opposite? Have you ever found yourself at the bend where one person would promise you something and the next thing you know they would do something else or not do it at all?! Then what? False expectations take their toll and then her majesty The Grudge comes along hand in hand. Does it sound familiar by any chance? Why is it that it's always easier said than done? What rules it all? Why People Say One Thing And Do Another?... Read More...

Why Do People Discourage & How to Pursue Your Dreams Nevertheless

Why Do People Discourage & How to Pursue Your Dreams Nevertheless We are in great danger when we encounter people who make us question ourselves and our abilities to do anything. It might even hurt when someone else is not only doubting your abilities but makes you question yourself even more. The best way to put some daylight on this is to get an idea why do people tend to discourage others in the first place. What is exactly standing behind that?... Read More...

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