Changing Today for a Better Tomorrow: 5 Simple Steps


Apparently there is nothing that cannot happen today. – Mark Twain 

Granted, nothing stands still and everything stirs in the constant flow of everlasting change. Whether we like it or not, everything’s changing. Resistance? It’s pointless. The question is simple: are we interested to introduce some mild yet mindful changes into our daily life? Are we interested changing our ways today for a better tomorrow? Is it really necessary? How happy we are today?

How happy are we with things that happen around us?

Changing Today for a Better Tomorrow: 5 Simple Steps

1. Environment Matters

What goes around us affects us. People and our environment have a great influence on us and sometimes we don’t see that. People that have a negative attitude will have a negative effect on our way of thinking and our overview of the world. Likewise, messy or cluttered environments tend to steal our focus and make us feel disorganised.

Not everybody can summon their inner Dalai Lama in order to sustain their inner peace. That is why it is always a good idea to think about the circle of people around you and your environment to find out how strong their influence on your life really is.

Clean up your environment from any unnecessary clutter. Choose wisely your circle even if it requires to cherry pick people in your life. Pick those who lift your spirit higher, who are like-minded, loving and who support your aspirations, your boldest dreams and projects that you want to embark on.

2. Challenges are Here to Learn from, not to Mourn About

Challenges and so-called problems are a big part of our daily life and there is no escape. And to tell you the truth, life never has to be perfection in order to be truly wonderful.

Each problem and each challenge are hidden blessings, a hidden lesson waiting for us to be learned. The more we practise this approach towards our problems by putting our brave face on, the more swiftly we solve it.

Every challenge has a way to be solved. Every challenge can be seen as a maze. Use your creativity to find your best way out. Search for alternatives, think-think-think positively and make decisions in time and with anticipation.

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3. When Being Yourself is Enough

Some people choose to idealise, mimic and experience jealousy towards others trying to look and act like them without realising how great and unique they already are.

I see my 16-year-old cousin experimenting with her looks according to the singers and actresses she adores. Whenever she looks in the mirror for some reason she doesn’t see what I see. She doesn’t see a beautiful, slender and healthy looking girl with an amazing smile and long shiny chestnut hair. She doesn’t see how beautiful and how unique she really is. She doesn’t really care for celebrating her uniqueness and looks at me as if I was speaking elfish whenever I suggest tell it to her.

It’s easy to forget but essential to remember. We can adopt some traits from other successful people to help us on our way to success, however, it is important to keep our own identity. Each one of us is unique and we need to cherish, appreciate and celebrate that.

4. Cherish Life’s Lessons

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Nobody is perfect. We all make mistakes due to miscalculations. The only thing that matters is to rise up again, make positive conclusions out of the lesson and move on. Never give up and never allow your motivation to dry up if you made a mistake.

Keep reminding yourself of all the positive lessons that you learned from your mistakes until your mind doesn’t care anymore to give you a hard time about them. We only dwell on our mistakes because we perceive the consequences as painful. The moment you start seeing only positive lessons in your mistakes is the moment you will start taking risks and doing more exciting things because you won’t have any fear of making a mistake again.

The bottom line here is that we need to stretch our comfort zone. We need to take risks, get ourselves into the storm of new experiences, people, situations and lessons and seize the opportunity to grow.

Every day is a blessing. Every day is a lesson. What lesson have you learned today that will improve your tomorrow?

5. Take a Moment and Really Listen to Yourself

What can really improve our tomorrow is one simple, yet the challenging skill of listening to your intuition. Before approaching someone for advice, take a moment and really listen to yourself. What is going on inside you? All answers are within you.

If you practise meditation regularly you might have noticed that the answers to your questions never keep you waiting. They come as hints of epiphany as if the sun’s beam touches the surface. Take a more mindful approach to your intuition and become best friends with it. There are amazing things waiting for those who practice meditation to connect with their intuition. And, as it turns out, many great people in our time use meditation to seek answers to their questions too.

Are we interested changing our ways today for a better tomorrow? Is it really necessary?

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