Do You Need a PhD to Help People?

Every now and then I have a tendency coming back revisiting some of my posts that were written a year or 6 months ago. I don’t have millions of them yet. But I have quite a few already. And what I came to realise recently was that most of the time something was holding me back from opening up in my posts as I should have been.

Writing for this site is something that I always wanted and love to do the most. What I’ve also realized was that I have to open up more and share my humble opinions. Freely and truly without the fear of being misunderstood. I have to connect more…

Do You Necessarily Have to Have a PhD in Psychology to Give Advice or Share Opinions?

Everyday we are dealing with tons of  feedbacks via email and direct messages on twitter. For that I am grateful to all of you. HavingTime would have been but a shadow of what it became.
Though, what surprised me among all of those lovely thank you notes were a couple of less positive messages where some people felt that those without traditional psychology education are not qualified to give advice on self-development and resolution of emotional and personal problems.

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I understand that to some people it might be a waste of time to read blogs full of amateur and recycled ideas on the same subject of solving one’s problems. To them, advice might need to be short, well-structured, original and most importantly – professional. There is of course another side of this point. There is something more personal and something that makes people feel more connected to those who write about self-development by using their own experience and things that helped them to overcome obstacles and get to the point where they are ready to share. And that personal touch is something that you would rarely find when seeking professional help. When people read about someone’s struggles where they can relate from their personal experience, they emotionally follow the story until the resolution and those emotions help them with feeling that solution is possible and very close because someone else has done it.

You live longer once you realize that any time spent being unhappy is wasted. –Ruth E. Renkl

Professionals or Amateurs?

It is a matter of a taste which destinations people choose to find inspiration. There are millions of people out there with the same problems. Why not take a moment and connect by exploring all the differences and common grounds? You would be surprised how many of those daily problems and little challenges can be solved if you pick sources that inspire and motivate you to be your best. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to read or listen professional opinions by diploma holders only.

Inspiration is endless and so are people’s opinions, tastes and ways to explore life. Professionals will provide textbook solutions and will likely see through to the problems that you are having. They can guide you towards a resolution. What you get from people devoted to share their experiences and solutions is a personal touch, deep connection and motivation to follow someone’s footsteps towards success. Those people are not afraid to talk about their missteps and tough road to recovery. They give advice that they came to by experiencing the situation themselves. *Of course, if you feel that you might have a condition, you are probably better off seeking professional help.

The greatest deception men suffer is from their own opinions. – Leonardo da Vinci

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“I don’t like professional magazines in psychology. All of those stories feels far from reality, from a daily life. All of those tools to resolve problems and challenges are heartless as if were taken from emotionless psychology study books and showed down your throat as the only solution. Tasteless and untrue.” –  Vicky Harper, 35

“Most of the professional authors look at you from way up high from the mountain range of their professional opinions. I don’t feel a connection. That’s why I choose personal development blogs instead with authentic stories and humble opinions.” – V. Derrick, 28

Although I don’t have tons of diplomas in psychology when many of personal development authors of popular blogs do, I do have my personal beliefs to share with you and a striving desire to inspire people to do their best! I do feel the need to connect more, to share more, to experience more. And I will do my best till my last breath to inspire others to live their life to the fullest and to follow their dreams!

I will open more. I will share more. And I hope, that in the future will become one of the greatest destinations for those, who seek inspiration, motivation or just have a desire to share their unique story and life lessons.

By Lesya Li
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Lesya Li

Lesya Li

Founder, Head of Content at HavingTime
Lesya Li is a founder of HavingTime – a digitally native story magazine for people that need to share inspiration and be inspired.
Lesya Li
Lesya Li
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