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Change your life today. Don’t gamble on the future, act now, without delay. –  Simone de Beauvoir 

Sometimes I cannot help it, but let my mind drift and sail away. It goes knocking on the past’s doors, sits there for a while and observes. It sees the mistakes that I did, feels sorry for me and wishes for one more chance to go back in time and turn things around the way I would have WANTED. When my mind “sits” there in the past becoming bitter with a hint of hopelessness it then drifts towards the gates of the future. 

The gates of the future are tall and beautiful. Beyond those gates are golden light and colourful misty clouds.
There is no chance you can grasp anything beyond those mysterious clouds.
Without any chance to see some pictures from the future, my mind then goes into a state of dreadful panic, anxiety bringing a sense of hopelessness and fatality along with the present. But guess what, my mind doesn’t feel like being truly PRESENT. It shifts and drifts away.

This is what my yoga teacher calls a monkey mind, a state when the mind is happy to do virtually anything to escape PRESENT. It sets itself to do anything possible, but to be anchored in this very moment.
The more we practice stillness, visualisation and meditation, the more serenity and peacefulness you invite into your life.

Granted, we all give things different meaning according to our life experience, the way we think and tend to reflect, but… Why is it so addictive to think and react to the negative things?
Why it is so challenging sometimes to stay truly present, to enjoy the very moment of our existence NOW? We live now. Not in the past, nor in the future. We live in the NOW.

The other day I wasn’t feeling like being vigilant about the latest happenings in my mind. So I gave in and let it drift me whenever it saw fit. Again. So I took a place of an observant and let my mind free for a while. What I’ve noticed was how easy it swayed from positive thought to a negative one going downward spiral. Wow! “Aren’t you tired of this?” – I looked in the mirror and asked.

Why do I struggle so much to accept the NOW as it is? Does anyone feel the same?

Your Ability to Appreciate and Enjoy the Moment of NOW
is What Matters the Most!

Today I was walking in the park and I saw a beautiful old lady in a wheelchair. As I was passing her by she looked at me, smiled and then she said: What a wonderful day, isn’t it? I’ve answered back: Yeah, sure… wonderful.


And off I went about my day thinking and stressing over the future, obsessing about the past and heading back to the future with anxiety tagged along. Pure madness.

My nose was glued to the phone as I was checking the emails and updates. “What a wonderful day, ha-ha” – I thought to myself. “How could it be wonderful for her if she is miserably stuck in that chair, a poor thing” so I engaged with that mental chatter that would seem to have no sign of stopping anytime soon.

So away I continued walking in the park, without noticing the park itself, a beautiful day and many more while my nose and attention was still “glued” to the phone. And as I was about to fall on the ground by stepping on a poor duck that was resting on a sidewalk peacefully it finally HIT ME!
It doesn’t matter what your circumstances are. Either you are able to walk, either you started living or just about to take your last breath… your ability to appreciate and enjoy the moment of NOW and making the most of it, this is what matters the most!

How could I be so blind? Am I always THAT ignorant?!

That lady in a wheelchair didn’t think about how bad her situation was! Why would she waste her precious time on something negative and dreadful like that, no!
She instead looked across the lake, fed the birds, she gave her beautiful smile to the people passing by… she seemed happy to be alive with every single breath. Someone once said that no matter how tough life gets once in a while, each and single breath should be considered as a blessing. And I agree.

Realising this and how ignorant I was the first urge I felt is to slap myself across the face to WAKE UP and hide my phone somewhere far. It is ridiculous how easily I get distracted. Way too easy I must admit. I am like a crow with a shiny object…
But this can change our day instantly the second you choose to BE AWARE, stay present and anchored in the moment of now.

What are the things you feel grateful the most about your day? Think about the things in your life, that steals your attention away. How do you gain back your focus in order to stay present?

Learn to appreciate the moment you have now. Now is all that we have.

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