How to Be Happy Right Now: 1 Simple Reminder

how to be happy now

Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life. – Omar Khayyam

When we want something, we want it now… Not later, not in ten or fifteen years time. Naturally, when we truly want something, we want it now, period.

I’ve been reading a lot about happiness lately. I guess the winter and the lack of sunshine did their best to turn my attention in the hope of finding a beam of light in learning, as I always do… And this subject will forever be among my favourites on a dusty shelf of my mind’s library.

Is it possible to channel happiness in a matter of instant and just FEEL it? We are, after all, the source of all our life experience. Therefore, we should be in charge of the source of our happiness too.

Sometimes our mood swings remind us of the roller coaster that can drop down from the highest point in a chasm and we feel lousy instantly. Is it possible to FEEL HAPPY consistently?

Where does the resistance come from? The main problem is when we are stuck in the past and our mind is occupied by worrying about past outcomes and possibilities if things were different. The opposite of that activity is a constant stressing routine about the unforeseen future. We spend most of our life on that swing: backwards and forwards disregarding what’s happening now.

The Overwhelming Flow of Things

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So this is one of the reasons we might not feel happy and content. We feel this way due to the lack of our presence in the moment of NOW. We can choose to FEEL happy as we speak. Right now. All of the things that run through our mind relentlessly: what the world should be like, that report you didn’t finish, that vacation you wish to take but the money are still short and all other things you want, but don’t know how to get…

That flow of emotions and thoughts is unstoppable. That flow of things swirls in our mind swelling our heads sick of worrying. But in a matter of a second it becomes irrelevant as we realise that all of that is JUST AN ILLUSION.

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What is This Moment Here For?

Think about simple things you are GRATEFUL for at this very moment. It might be a comfortable sofa you are sitting on, it might be your well-organised desk and some art on your wall right before your eyes. It might be a cup of tea/coffee that warms up your soul while you are reading these lines. It might be a new breath you just took and its blessing. Think about all the great people you love that you have in your life right now. Think about all the good things that they brought into your life to lighten up your extraordinary existence on the planet. GRATITUDE. Feel it. Say thank you for everything you already have and was lucky enough to experience. Feel the gratitude here with me.

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Mind you, we were programmed to postpone our happiness. We go to school so we can get to University, which will lead us to a great job to allow us to retire and live happily ever after only to realise that we then spend the rest of our money on prolonging our existence instead of enjoying that retirement… Most of us were programmed to postpone happiness and be happy tomorrow, next year or when you hit a certain age. THAT’S A TRAP!

Here’s a simple thing to remember: If you are absolutely committed to being happy later on, why don’t you start with feeling happy right NOW? 

We cannot sit and expect our happiness to knock on our door later without being HAPPY NOW. If you are familiar with the Law of Attraction already, you also know full well that happy people attract happy things and so on.

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Thank You, Note to This Day…

When I wake up and I don’t feel that great, I change my lousy thoughts with grateful ones. You know, for waking up at all. I breathe the air in and I keep on counting good things I have in my life. I consciously inject myself with that gratitude booster (or whatever the name to it is…)

I’m here. Right now. What’s not to be happy about, hey?! I have the opportunity to create, to inspire and get inspired. This gift to live yet another day is priceless. Thank you, today.

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Now think about the first thing you do or think when you wake up. What vibration do you charge into the universe to get the same in return? :-]

If we are happy now by generating happiness through gratitude and appreciation of what we have, the chances are that we will be consistently happy in the future…

Be happy with what you have and are, be generous with both, and you won’t have to hunt for happiness – William Gladstone.


Lesya Li

Lesya Li

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Lesya Li
Lesya Li
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