How to Create Sustainable Change

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I can read self-help books and tons of articles on self development going on and on about healthy habits that I shall stick to in order to change my life for the better. In fact, I can read till the cows won’t fly. But will it ever change anything? The single fact of reading and waiting for the right time to take action will never bring the desired outcome in my life.

In order to see some changes in our lives, we need to take some actions. We need to change habits by adding new ones and working on them. In fact, we have to start doing things differently because there is no point in doing the same thing and expect a different outcome all the time. It’s like painting the walls yellow and the next moment to expect that their colour will turn green.

I know, we’ve all heard that it’s easier to prevent something than to vanish it off the grid. How about replacing the whole thing or at least a part of it?

How To Create Sustainable Change

1. Expand and Evolve

Take a look at your life. Think about the place you are now and the place you see yourself and want to be at in the near future.

Not so long ago the place I wanted to go and the place I was actually standing at seemed to me like 2 distant river banks with the darkness of chasm in between.

And then in order to build a bridge between walls of partition I had to expand and evolve. I had to learn new skills every day. I had to develop my body, spirit and mind to prepare myself for new challenges and exciting circumstances that life always gives plenty.

Take it as a habit to learn something new every day. No matter what it is. If it brings fresh air to your life enriching your soul with a warm sense of inspiration, by all means, dig in. Dig deeper. Stay curious.

2. Start Trusting Yourself

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Start trusting yourself the way you would want other people to trust you.

Think about the times you followed your inner sense and you succeeded no matter what others said. Think about all of those hints of intuition and try to be in touch with it more.

Become your own best and trustworthy friend. No one will ever get exactly what are you going through and what you feel every step of the way. So it is a good thing if you learn to trust yourself being in harmony with the things you do and how you learn to put all that in your experience basket.

3. Fewer Expectations = fewer Disappointments?

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There were times I really believed in this simple formula. The less you expect, the fewer disappointments you get. But something always felt not quite right about that statement. I couldn’t pin it down for years. Until I did.

So I took the liberty of rewriting this old formula making it more compelling in my daily life. So it goes like this: The less you expect from PEOPLE, the fewer disappointments you get.

Can you FEEL the difference?

We cannot possibly sit there and wait for people to change, for the weather to get better and for a nasty raving storm to pass faster. We cannot predict the outcome in this case. Expectations like that might bring nothing but disappointment. What we can do instead is to work relentlessly on evolving ourselves and making our lives worth living. By working today and doing our best we have the right to expect high results tomorrow as the outcome of the actions and decisions we made.

4. The Power of Gratitude

No matter what life throws at you, think about all the things you are grateful for. Realising this will make you feel special.

We all have something in our life to be thankful for. What is it that you are thankful for?

Whatever you are blessed with – be grateful.

5. Forgive The People Who Hurt You

Forgive the people who hurt you for they didn’t know better. Release all of those heavy feelings by stopping clinging to them. Forgive them.

When you forgive the person who wronged you, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to accept him/her by opening the door that leads straight back into your life. But it is really up to you. What I meant is that when you let go of the situation that hurt you in the past – it doesn’t have any emotional power over you anymore. That’s all.

6. Forgive Yourself

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Make yourself a gift of self-forgiveness.  Forgiveness heals.

No matter what you did, stop beating yourself up. How can it possibly change the outcome? Stop wasting your time on the useless exercise of “If Only I Could Turn Back Time” opera. Move on.

Imagine as if you are holding a bunch of colourful balloons, each representing the things you think you did wrong. Vividly imagine that. Then one by one start releasing them all in the air. Forgiveness is the most beautiful embodiment of love. When you forgive yourself, you will get the feeling of content and tranquility in return. You deserve this love and healing. Trust me.

7. The Power Of Goodbye

Rid your life of heavy useless luggage without a handle which is uncomfortable to carry but is still a pity to throw away.

By releasing your life from something old and dusty you are freeing the space for something new, fresh and vibrant. Release yourself from the things and people that never bring you happiness and joy you deserve. Wish them luck and let them go.

Align yourself with people who understand and support you.

In Conclusion

You deserve a better life. Be determined. Be brave and go for it. Whatever you set your mind to, you can achieve it. You deserve it. Never settle for less. Stick to new healthy habits and have different approaches in your daily life and shortly after you will see positive changes in your life.

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