How to Fit in at Your New Job

how to fit in

Life is a never-ending chain of events. If there is anything constant in life – it’s a change. All of us with no exceptions are constantly moving from one place to another changing universities, residences and jobs… Some of us think positively about that cycle without any hint of anxiety or discomfort. People like that find it easy to fit into a new team, adjust to a new country, and they enjoy the ride all the way.

On the other hand, some people have zero tolerance towards any change in their life. They experience negative emotions all along. Naturally they feel discomfort finding themselves far away from familiar surroundings, meeting new people, battling with any opportunity to fit into the new picture. They often have it in their mind frame that change is a bad thing. It might seem hard to adjust at first and the feeling of being out of place and left out may also appear. But that discomfort is temporary and everybody faced it on many occasions.

One way or another, we have to find the courage to accept the prospect of transition into a new environment as a chance to fill our lives with brand new unforgettable experience, with all-new interesting acquaintances and positive emotions. If you start a new job and you are not sure how to fit in, have a look. Maybe you will find something in this particular article that might be helpful and you will adjust brilliantly!

Buckle Up. Adaptation Takes its Place on The Stage

“When I first started my new job I felt as a misplaced book on the wrong shelf. Naturally I am a talkative and easy-going person. But back then I had a sense of being deserted and for a couple of weeks, my lunch breaks reminded nothing but a fortress of solitude. Whenever somebody  would have approached to start a conversation, or to invite me for some drinks after work I felt awkward and all I wanted is to avoid any connections, not talking about taking a part in the upcoming team building activity.” – Maria 27, London

Naturally the faster you strive to become a part of the team, the sooner your adaptation will be completed. And it doesn’t really matter how awkward any given situation might seem at first. Furthermore, there is no chance to skip this step of adaptation and, you know, to switch in a matter of a couple of moments. It takes time.

The good news is that all things that may cause any discomfort  when fitting in are temporary and all we need to do is to buckle up, put a brave face on, have a little patience and pass it through with flying colours.

Get this, everyone at the office may treat you as a brand new brick in the mutual wall of the company. They observe what you do and what you say. They also may estimate the level of your self-esteem and confidence. Your co-workers may also check how tough you are, whether you will handle the pressure and how stress-proof you may become…  Also, whether you are worth their trust or not. And it’s ok. Do your best job possible and you will earn the respect and admiration of co-workers in no time.

Everything new may sometimes seem intriguing and even severely intimidate. The curiosity towards a new brick in the wall will soon fade away and that’s when you will be treated equally with the ones who were the newbies themselves some time ago.

How to Fit in at New Job

Friendly and Curious

Try to be as friendly as possible. Smile more. Ask and learn more about your co-workers: their interests, hobbies, and their families. Whenever you pass by somebody’s workplace and see a picture of a cute dog or a baby, ask their names, pay compliments and be interested in learning all the detail the person has to share with you. Try to listen more. Then share your own little bits of life. Try to find mutual grounds and build a connection with them.

Lunch Breaks are For Connecting

Try to squeeze as much as possible out of your lunch breaks. Don’t just glue yourself to the stool sitting all by yourself in the far away corner at the cafeteria. Move, act, go-go-go! Ask people to join your table, propose an interesting topic to discuss (this doesn’t have to be something considering work). Be active, welcoming and receptive. People tend to reach out towards those who are charming and friendly. Use your lunch breaks for building stronger connections, not for building the fortress of solitude.

Don’t Be a Part of The Gossip Bird Movement

Although nothing seems to glue people together better than a sweet scoop of fresh gossip, sometimes it is better to pay attention to it without sticking out and being part of that movement. Also, try to refrain from complaining about your boss or a co-worker. That wouldn’t be a smart move, let’s face it. And then we should all keep in mind: Who said that people who gossip with you today would pass on the opportunity to gossip about you tomorrow?! 


Arrive at work on time, or slightly earlier. Naturally it is also a good idea not to rush faster than arrow towards the exit once the business hours are over. Find a middle ground. Be professional and respect the time concept. There is nothing more frustrating than to wait for people especially when they are being late for a meeting or a conference all. Be in sync with the time.

Responsibility Shifter Busted

Be observant and take notice about the way things have the tendency to turn around at your new collective. There will always be cheeky responsibility shifters, who will try to take advantage of a newbie ин dumping a fair part of their commitments. Notice that when you are overwhelmed with extra work lovingly dumped on your shoulders by somebody else, you stop doing what you do best while trying to grasp all at once… And time is anything but a rubber band. Naturally, the more things to do you put on your list, the more stress they bring. It is vital to finding a balance between being helpful and at the same time also be able to say “NO” when necessary.

New Challenges?! YES, Please.

Get involved with new projects that will put you on the map of successful achievers. Take actions. Get noticed. Don’t just hide in the corner, take up new challenges and do the best work you are capable of doing. By following through with new tasks and projects, step by step, from the beginning till the brilliant finish, it will allow you to create and polish a positive image of yourself. Keep an open mind, have a cheerful attitude and you will get better in blending in at your new job.

Change is Always Better than Stillness

Change is a necessary part of our lives. Monotony and stillness when nothing moves and the air seems to be stall only poisons our existence. We should learn how to look at the life flow with its ever changing events positively. We all need a grasp of fresh air.

The old workplace or anything we are holding on too strongly deprives us of the new emotions and experience. Naturally we all should feel grateful for every change in our life. We all should be positive and move on trying to fit into the new picture that life has to offer. Good luck!

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