I Tried Protein Shake and Here’s What I Thought

By A. Devenport

I Tried Protein Shake and Here's What I Thought

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I Tried Protein Shake and Here’s What I Thought

As a rule, people use protein shakes to manage weight – either to reduce an excess weight or build a muscle mass. For this reason, it is important to make sure that your diet product provides an appropriate quality and performance to achieve the substantial results.

Depending on your goals, a diet shake can be taken in various ways. You may take a shake as a full meal substitute, and a post- or pre-workout protein shake. Both ways of using the shake require the special features and properties of the product.

For example, if you need a shake to substitute a full meal, the supplement has to supply enough calories to suppress an appetite. If you take it before or after the training session, you need a high amount of good protein and low amount of sugar, fat, and carbs.

It is quite difficult to find a product that would meet all the requirements. For example, Vi-shape is a tasteful meal replacement with the moderate caloric content (90) and the insufficient amount of protein (12g). The market offers many other options of high-quality protein shakes.

A famous brand World Protein provides various diet supplement including protein shakes. The shake by this brand is called The Slender Blend. Its main advantage is the natural content, i.e. there are no GMO, artificial additives or colorings. The flavors of the shake are also natural. Such content makes the World Protein Shake a perfect solution for numerous types of diets including Vegetarian, Halal, Kosher, Protein, as well as diabetics’ diet.

The product is great for both replacing a full meal and using as a workout supplement. The energy value of the shake is 141 calories. This amount is more than enough to make a user feel full for a considerable period. In addition, one serving of the shake supplies 24 grams of protein. The protein of The Slender Blend deserves a special attention since it comes from whey that is a high-quality protein source recommended by most of the athletes.

The other nutritional values of the shake are also attractive. One serving of this product contains 1.7 grams of fat, 8.6 grams of carbs and less than 1 gram of sugar. Moreover, 25 essential minerals and vitamins are provided in each serving.

Considering the above-mentioned data, it is not difficult to define the best way of taking the Protein World Shake. As a meal replacement, you can take this product up to two times a day. This shake is recommended to substitute a lunch or suppress appetite at the time when an access to a full meal is not available.

If you are on a diet or workout program, you may consume the shake prior or after the training session. In fact, there is no fundamental difference between the pre-workout and post-workout consumption of the World Protein Shake. Nevertheless, according to the recent studies, the use of protein shakes before training provides the better results.

The users also advise using milk to prepare the protein shake. The taste of the World Protein product is incredibly delicious (available in banana, chocolate, and vanilla flavors). Besides, the brand offers the unflavored product for those who prefer creating own flavors.

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