Into The World Of Scuba Diving

Four months ago a completely new and amazing world welcomed me with open doors into its depths… The underwater world of scuba diving!
On March 2nd, 2012 I became a certified diver.

Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt is magnificent! There’s something magical in this mixture of the desert, mountains and the Red Sea – the most beautiful sea in the world! The Red Sea is amazing! I would have never thought how rich and beautiful the underwater life could be until I saw the coral reefs full of wonderful and gorgeous fishes… I had a lot of fun playing with the clown fish (Nemo) and gigantic shells that were closing and opening their parts whenever I touched them with my fins. The moment when a massive Napoleon fish floated right by me has taken a special place in my heart…. Everything, every little bit of the bottom of the sea is alive! Not only I saw its movement – but I also felt its energy. I felt serenity and calmness…. I was not swimming – it felt more like flying really. And it was great! Completely new and magical feeling once you get and never forget. The more I do scuba diving – the more I want to do it! What else can I say about the Red Sea? The first feeling at the bottom was ” Wow! It feels like I’m swimming in a fish tank”.

Scuba Diving in Red Sea

Go with the PADI guys. I’ve passed the theory online and did a lot of practice in the place. These guys pay a lot of attention to safety – which is brilliant! Remember – it’s better to practice as much as they ask than to panic if something unexpected happens. Personally, for me, the most “eventful” and the irritating thing was to sort out problems with my mask as occasionally it leaked and got filled with water. And I just can’t stand anything in my nose or eyes. This almost swayed away my attention from all other fears until I figured out how to keep this little thing in check.

Also, I will never forget the ” giant step” from the boat to the sea. I’m sure you can imagine what’s a leap of faith means. Same here! But I told myself – the more you think, the faster you are carried away with doubts and other little stupid things that are not worth your attention. So I JUST DID IT.

Oh yeah, the “surprise” 200 metres open water swim after a nice lunch without the wetsuit was eventful as well…

The crew and the guys who went diving with us were amazing! I had this warm feeling of the big and loving family that has ONE and very GREAT thing in common no matter of our differences in race or age. Things in COMMON are brought us together.

I do remember the voice inside my head on the first day of diving: ” Oooooh, I don’t like salty water in my eyes, I don’t like the water drying my lips, it’s UNCOMFORTABLE! ” Hell yeah, it’s UNCOMFORTABLE! Life is all about UNCOMFORTABLE! Your life begins when the comfortable zone ends and that’s all – like it or not!

It’s fun to know your limits, but it is far better to push your limits and finding new challenges!!!!!

So, guys, I guess I found another freedom to be myself and express myself as a diver.

I am definitely coming back for more!

Special thank you to Jessica Di Vecci. You are a great teacher and I really appreciate you changing the whole concept and perspective of things I see in my life.

Special thank you to the beautiful people from Divers United. You made me feel like a part of a very special family, a part of something wonderful. I will always remember you, guys!

Hope this will make you want to go out and try other things, perhaps even scuba diving. And do subscribe to our YouTube channel where we plan to post more of our videos in the future!

Lesya Li

Lesya Li

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Lesya Li
Lesya Li
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